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Nome: reis

Nacionalidade: Brazil

Data de Nascimento: 1974-07-09

Contacto:(13) 38773810

reis  Brazil


My name is Reis, brasilian, born and living in Santos, São Paulo. I am in love with Art.  
My whole life was dedicated to the art of design, my passion for art is something that directs me to always be doing better, I studied many books on anatomy tirelessly, artists such as Burne Hogarth, Andrew Loomis, Norman Rockell among many others. I also have a major influence by artists from comics and famous painter Alex Ross and many others, and I also work with this segment. 
The combination of many techniques directed to give portraits a touch more realism and a very large. I chose Pastels as the best tool I got excellent results and the infinite possibilities of manipulation of color that believe that only Pastel can do. I have made many pictures here in my country and I am starting my orders arts the Internet and would like to offer you the best of my art.  
Serious work, with much responsibility and inspiration, love and special care with all the art I do.  
I have 2 children's books published in Brazil and I am about to launch a new character I created, I love working with the child public. If you understand the portuquese language, you can ask my 2 books (Maninhos)-“The brothers” (with my characters) and (Viagem ao planet lixo)- “Travel to the planet junk” in the site, also did illustrations for covers of several books and various other media. 
reis ------- Painting/Pintura Young Angelina Jolie

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Title: Young Angelina Jolie ( )

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Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Dry pastel


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