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Name: Al Borrego

Art: Painting

Country: United States

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Contact: 915-594-8424

Al Borrego Painting United States


Al Borrego was born and now resides in El Paso, Texas. A self-taught artist, he began painting in June of 2007. He has exhibited in many venues and has various scheduled exhibits on the 2008 calendar. Al plans to continue exhibiting his work nationally and internationally. Al is well traveled, having lived in Europe and throughout the United States. He has been on extensive travel throughout Central and South America, including the Caribbean. Artwork is currently on exhibit at The Rose & Crown Art Gallery in El Paso, TX.  
Artist Statement 
I have a love of exploration and an interest in change and growth – that love, is what inspires this painter. In each moment of painting, one is required to explore and let go of the fear of change and outcome. Painting is the most magnificent teacher and requires that we live in the peaceful state of moment to moment consciousness. That is which connects me, to joy.  
My work addresses the vision between my muse and the canvas, which is driven by eye appeal and attention to detail. Life is beautiful as it is, without a need for embellishment or simplification. The intention of my work is to convey the beauty of nature by representing it as accurately as possible. There is nothing more satisfying than to capture the essence of an animal within a single image, to feel the life in an inanimate painting, to look into the eyes of a painting and see the animal's soul. Ultimately, both the creation and observation of art are highly personal experiences. Done well, art yields a benefit to both the artist and the viewer. 


Currently on Exhibit at  
The Rose & Crown Art Gallery 
3616 McRae Blvd 
El Paso, TX 
Sun Bowl Art Exhibit 2008 
El Paso International Museum of Art 
Juried Exhibition 
1211 Montana Ave, El Paso, Texas 
November 7, 2008 - January 2, 2009
Al Borrego Realism Painting/Pintura Avance Tortoise

Exhibit Name:

Title: Avance Tortoise ( )


Price: 0------

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Acrylic

Comments: Acrylic on Wood. Donation for charity auction.

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Al Borrego  
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