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Name: Aleksandr Klyuyanov

Art: Painting

Country: Ukraine

Birth Date: 1949-06-13


Contact: 38-06175-66423

Aleksandr Klyuyanov Painting Ukraine


Greetings to all artists and art lovers! 
For those who like my art work. 
I am a Russian artist living not far from the city of Zaporozhye, Ukraine. I hope that my art will give the chance to some people to view and enjoy the world around us and the world of ideas in a way my Slavonic soul sees it.  
Each person is born with a gift. All gifts and talents need to grow and discover to reach their full potential. Sasha (It’s me, O’Lord!) was blessed with the gift of art. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I’ve been influenced by impressionists, Van Gogh, surrealistic artists and some Russian artists of the beginning of the last century. I am a self taught painter and never happier than when absorbed on a new subject. My mind is never short of ideas. There never seems to be enough time in the day to pursue all I want to do in art. I like to paint any subject, in any media. My art combines my interest in self-expression through exploring new mediums and methods of creation. I take what is imagined and make it visual with my own unique style and energy; my eyes see another world and my hands make it visible to others. I think my art is fresh and contemporary. My interests also include poetry and prose (in Russian) - other ways of expressing myself. 
I got in touch with digital drawing back in 2000. At that time I started my commercial art career. I’ve got about 2000 pieces of art on my account. I enjoy all genres of art. My inspirations mostly come from my inner emotions and life experiences. I call my style – INSPIRATIVE ART. It is the materialized world of ideas, ideals and associations. Art is all about getting the emotions and thoughts out in visual forms. It is the Art within me that controls every waking moment of my life. Art keeps me motivated and forward thinking. 
I am dedicated to producing high quality art. It is an area in which I've always tried to set very high standards for myself. My favorite things to paint are: landscapes, still life, abstract compositions. When I start an abstract painting I never really know where it's going to take me. I do various graphic design and advertising projects. I’ve done commission work for many individuals and businesses. Now I am currently working as a freelance graphic designer and continue to paint what I want to. I am dedicated to giving my clients what they need and doing it to their level of satisfaction as well as my own. I would be happy to lend my services. 
I’m ready to cooperate with anyone who takes care of my art, who could afford some expenses to buy my pictures and/or the copyright, print my portfolio or make SASHA’s one-man show. 
Art is manifestation of Soul, Thought is materialistic manifestation of Mind. Think, wish, believe and act to materialize the Idea. During some period of time it will join necessary circumstances and terms with necessary people. I do believe it. I just know I am doing what I was born to do. I hope I am ‘on the wing’. 
I keep my prices down so most people can afford to have an original and share my joy. Limited Edition SIGNED Prints are also available, please contact me for details. Please contact me if you have a special request for a painting you like me to paint for you to your own specifications and design. You are welcome to copy, (download) or use any of my art works for your personal use. 
I would be much obliged to you for your answer, ideas, propositions, comments and any promotion of SASHA’s art.  
Thanks for having the interest and time for stopping by my portfolio. Feel free to email me. Keep happy! 
Yours sincerely,  
Àleksandr Klyuyanov - SASHA  
Aleksandr Klyuyanov Abstract Decorative art/Artes decorativas Opti. Reflection 2

Exhibit Name: Painting

Title: Opti. Reflection 2 ( 1978)


Price: 350Dolar

Size: 0x0

Art: Decorative art/Artes decorativas

Technique: Digital

Comments: Printed on excellent flax canvas, signed by the artist; unframed. 
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Aleksandr Klyuyanov  
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Aleksandr Klyuyanov  
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Aleksandr Klyuyanov  
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Aleksandr Klyuyanov  
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