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Name: Alena Semchyshyn

Art: graphic

Country: Belarus

Birth Date: 1985-07-20

Contact: +380972732185

Alena Semchyshyn graphic Belarus


20.07.1985 was born in Maladzechna (Belarus) 
1996-2004 Republican Art College in the name of Ahremchyk, Minsk(Belarus) 
2004-2010 Art Academy, Minsk (Belarus) 


Exhibitions & Competitions: 
09.2003 Exhibition German-Belarusian project “Dahi”, Minsk (Belarus) 
09.2003 Palace of the Art “Republican Exhibition of a picture”, Minsk (Belarus) 
10.2003 Palace of the Art “Republican autumn Exhibition”, Minsk (Belarus)  
10.2004 Palace of the Art “Republican autumn Exhibition”, Minsk (Belarus) 
06.2005 Palace of the Art “Republican youth Exhibition”, Minsk (Belarus) 
08.2006 Sculptural Plein Air “Legend of the sand”, subject “12 Apostels”, Zaslaue (Belarus)  
09.2006 Palace of the Art “Republican youth Exhibition”, Minsk (Belarus)  
01.2007 “Christmas” Exhibition, Minsk (Belarus) 
03.2008 Palace of the Art “Republican Exhibition of portrait”, Minsk (Belarus) 
10.2008 Palace of the Republic “Exhibition of a Maliavanka”, Minsk (Belarus) 
2009 “Exhibition of a Maliavanka”, Vitebsk(Belarus) 
23.04-13.06.2009 Solo Engraving Exhibition, Minsk (Belarus) 
12.2009 Solo Photo Exhibition, Minsk (Belarus) 
2006 International Exlibris Competition in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium 
2007 International contest “Engraving”, Japan  
02.2007 International Exlibris Competition “Bread”, Serbia 
03.2007 International Exhibition & International project “Apple”, Romania 
04.2007 International Exlibris Competition “Wincenty Pol”, Poland (catalogue) 
14.07-26.07.2007 International Graphic Workshop in the framework of the 10th “Artistic Summer” in Krzyzova,  
2007 7th International Graphic Competition for Exlibris Gliwice 2007, Poland (catalogue) 
2007 Florean museam “Small Engraving Salon - 2007”, Romania 
03.2008 IV Biennal Contratalla-08, Tarragona 
05.2008 International Exlibris Competition “Gdansk Lions”, Poland 
06.2008 International Exlibris Competition “1888-2008 - 120 years Liuben Karavelov Regional library”,  
Bulgaria (catalogue) 
07-08.2008 Fourth International Biennal of Mini Prints - Tetovo 2008, Republic of Macedonia (catalogue) 
11.06-31.08.2008 7th Lessedra Word Art Print Annual Mini Print 2008, Bulgaria (catalogue) 
07.2008 IV Muestra Internacional de Mini Print en Rosario 2008 , Argentina (catalogue) 
10.2008 4th International Exlibris Competition “Ex libris Biblioteca di Bodio Lomnago”, Italy 
2008 The Americas Biennial 
2008 3th International Biennial of the Fine Art Nude “Marko K.Gregovic”, Petroavak (catalogue) 
08.2008 International Exlibris Competition “Il Bosco Stregato”, Italy 
10.2008 4th Biennal Pastel Exhibition – Nowy Sacz 2008 (catalogue), Poland 
10.2008 “EX LIBRIS PROVINCIA DI NOVARA 1859-2009”, Italy 
2008 Exhibition of XXXII International Exlibris Congress (catalogue), China 
2008 International Biennial Association for Engraving in Acqui Terme, Italy 
12.2008-01.2009 International Competition Exhibition Mini Print and Ex-libris , Milan, Italy 
03.2009 International Exlibris Competition “Provincia di Novara 1859-2009”, Italy 
03.2009 International Exhibition SYMBOLICAL COMMUNICATION – TIMISOARA 2009 “KNOT”,  
04.2009 International Exlibris Competition “Sint-Niklaas 2009”, Belgium 
04.2009 International Exhibition “Matriz Associação de Gravura do Porto”, Portugal 
02–03.2009 International Exlibris Competition “Universitas Studiorum Insubriae 1998-2008”, Italy 
29.04-21.05.2009 Ex Libris Fundacion Vidanimal 1st Gallery, Argentina (catalogue)  
06.2009 V International Exlibris Competition, Bulgaria 
08.2009 Second International Printmaking Juried Exhibit Prints for Peace 09, (Monterrey) México 
09.2009 International Exlibris Competition “Arti Grafiche Colombo”, Italy (catalogue) 
2009 Florean museam “Small Engraving Salon – 2009”, Romania 
2009 2nd Guanlan International Print Biennial, China (collected by the organizing committee of Guanlan )  
2009 International ExLibris exhibition, Taiwan (catalogue)  
09.2009 International Plein Air, Lithuania 
2009 International Exlibris Competition “The Spirit of Gdansk Architecture in ex libris”, Poland 
2009 International Exlibris Competition “Ex Libris Citta di Somma Lombardo 1959-2009”, Italy (catalogue) 
04.2010 1st International mini-print exhibition in Kyiv, Ukraine  
2010 VII International Ex-Libris Biennial, Mexico 
02.2005 International contest “Another sight”, Poland (prize) 
28.03.2008 International water colour Competition ”SINAIDE GHI”16 (2 prize), Rome (Italy) 
2009 International Competition “Mail Art”, Macedonia (prize) 
09.2009 International Exlibris Competition “Il Bosco Stregato”, Italy (special mention) 
2009 Honorary Diploma by the Jury of the Eighth Edition of the “Iosif Iser” International  
Contemporary Engraving Biennial Exhibition, Romania  
2009 The 1st Beijing Erotic Exhibition (certificate of award), China 

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