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Name: Alexander Ganelin

Country: Israel

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Alexander Ganelin  Israel


Sasha Ganelin was born in Moscow in 1957. 
When he was five years old he started to draw historical events that filled world of his childhood. At that time he already knew his life would be dedicated to the art. A year later he already takes painting lessons in russian capital so his extraordinary talent gets properly developed and trained. «Painting stays with me during all periods of my life», - claimes the artist, but at the same time refuses to determine it, because “it’s always different”. This passion overwhelmed him through all his youth, when he had to overcome difficulties and distances to receive the necessary tuition. 
In 1974 Sasha Ganelin wins young painters contest and gets accepted to the famous Moscow Art School. Unless being a graduate of prestigious institution he fails to find a job, because of national prejudices. But desire to be an artist doesn’t let him to fall into despair; he takes second try and applies to the Moscow Academy of Arts where the best painters of Soviet empire were taught. At that time his works were exhibited in Russia, Poland, India and Marocco. Official recognition comes with the exhibition in the Revolution Museum.  
Up to the late 70’s Sasha Ganelin used to work in a classical realistic genre which he had excellently mastered, but in the beginning of 80's he realizes deep need of changes. «I wanted my painting to cause strong feelings and emotions, but preserving realistic rules made me short of expressive means». At that period his works are exhibited in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. The main theme is the Flowers. Sasha Ganelin’s Flowers convey the idea of artist’s protest against negative features of the world around him, where daily routine oppresses and kills the beauty of life. 
In 1991, feeling himself used, Sasha makes up his mind to move to Israel, - country of his ancestors. 
In his art, Sasha combines aesthetical sufferings and calls to better life. Fantastic flowers enlivened by his dabs say: ”Look at us, We exist, We are alive!» Symphony of colors, pleading to see the beauty and to live in harmony with it. Sasha Ganelin negates indifference of the everhurrying society. His irresistible talent makes spectators feel inexplicable protest and hope, a silent scream that cannot be unnoticed by the one, who animates subjects. 
Mannsohn House has exclusive privilege and pleasure to present you the latest works of Sasha Ganelin. 
1993 Course of six months in Academy Bezalel by guidance of Prof. Ziona Shimshi Jerusalem 
1992 Course of Computer Graphic Designs Tel Aviv 
1974-1980 Academy of Cinematography (VGIK), Faculty of Art, Moscow 
1972-1976 Private studio of Art by guidance of Nicolai Dragalin, Moscow 
1972-1973Architectural School, Moscow 
1964-1974 School, Faculty of Graphic and Painting, Moscow  


2008 August Summer Kaleidoscope, New Gallery, Bat Yam, Israel 
2008 July Old Jaffa Artist’s in a Fresh Rendezvous, Jaffa Museum  
From 2003 Permanent exhibition in Studio-Gallery Mannsohn House, Old Jaffa 
2001 Tevel Art Gallery, Montreal, Canada 
1999 Boca Raton, Caesarea Gallery, Florida, USA 
1990-1991 Group Exhibition Series of Russian artists in towns of Germany (Marburg, Kassel, Neustädt, Kirchhain, Beitziesdorf, Cölber,Grebenstein) 
1990 Jewish Art Exhibition in private gallery, NY, USA 
1990 Exhibition Russian Contemporary Art in Ludlow, Dinham House, England 
1989 Exhibition Paintings from Russia, The Arts Club, London, England 
1987-1988 Exhibition of Russian Artists in India, as part of USSR Festival in India 
1986 National Exhibition of young artists in Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow 
1986 Series of Exhibitions of Russian Artists in Morocco  
1985 Series of Exhibitions of Russian Artists, Warsaw, Poland 
1982-1990 Annual Permanent Exhibitions, Moscow, Russia 
1980 National Exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine  
Alexander Ganelin Impressionism Painting/Pintura Jerusalem alley

Exhibit Name: Jerusalem

Title: Jerusalem alley ( 2008)


Price: 1500Euro

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


Alexander Ganelin  
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Variation on a forest
Alexander Ganelin  
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Alexander Ganelin  
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