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Name: Alexander Kosnichev
Art: paintings
Country: Russia
Birth Date: 1970-07-07
Contact: 84959121076 +79168883038

Alexander Kosnichev paintings Russia

Alexander was born in 1970 in a family of artists. In 1983-1988 attended Moscow School of Arts attached to Sourikov Moscow State Art Institute. In 1998 he graduated from Sourikov Moscow State Art Institute, V. N. Zabelin\'s workshop. The member of International Arts Fund since 1994. The member of International Federation of Artists (attached to UNESCO) since 1995. The member of Moscow Union of Artists since 1998. Since 1999 Alexander is a post-graduate of the Academy of the Arts (the painting workshop by the members of the Academy A.S. Tkachyov and S.P. Tkachyov.  
1988: «Earth and People», group exhibition, Kouznetsky Most, Moscow.  
1991: «The Painters of XXI Century», group exhibition, Central House of Artist, Moscow.  
1993-1996: Annual exhibitions of student works, Sourikov Moscow State Art Institute, Moscow.  
1995-1997: Group exhibitions, Bazel, Switzerland.  
1996: Personal exhibition, Arh-Art Gallery, Moscow.  
1996: Exhibition timed to 50-year anniversary of Moscom department of Regional Union of Artists, Moscow.  
1996, 1997, 2002: Youth Exhibition, Kouznetsky Most, Moscow.  
1997: «Texture of Reality», group exhibition, Central House of Artist, Moscow.  
1997: «Symphony Of Color», group exhibition, Museum House of Skryabin.  
1997: «Painters Of Russia», exhibition timed to 850-year anniversary of Moscow, Central House of Artist, Moscow.  
1998: «Flowers Portrait», Easter exhibition Kroutitsky Val, Moscow.  
1999-2003: ArtExpo, New York, USA.  
1999: «Boldin\'s Autumn», Central House of Artist, Moscow.  
2000: «Protectors Of Russia», Poklonnaya Gora, Moscow.  
2000: «Christianity 2000», Central House of Artist, Moscow.  
2002: Youth Exhibition, Central House of Artist, Moscow.  
2002: Exhibition timed to 70-year anniversary of Moscom Union of Artists, Grand Manege, Moscow.  
2002: «Joy Doesn\'t Die», exhibition dedicated to memory of V. N. Zabelin.

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