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Name: alexisbaranekart

Art: painting

Country: United States

Birth Date: 1949-12-20


Contact: 386 754-9465

alexisbaranekart painting United States


I was born in St. Augustine, Florida, and spent a number of years in Charleston, S.C. as well as a few other places. Living in such beautiful, historic cities as St. Augustine and Charleston have really increased my appreciation for all things art related. Here I live in the country with my husband, three dogs and one cat. My daughter is grown and recently made me a grandmother and I'm hoping one day to be able to teach my grandchildren all I can learn about creating art.  
My earliest works are focused on landscapes in oil or acrylic in a fairly realistic style. I find much inspiration in views from my own property located across from a farm or trips to the mountains and seashore and I continue to develop my landscape series through new experiences. More recently I’ve experimented with more abstract mixed-media, and this experimentation contributes to my enthusiasm and never-ending discovery of inspiration in surprising places. For me, my creativity is kept alive by being able to try many things - different subject matter and mediums and working in both the realistic and the abstract. Color and texture and the wonderful effects they achieve in combination with light and form are what I feel my work is about.  
I am a of the Art League of North Florida, Worldwide Women Artists Online, as well as other online art groups. I market my work through my website, other online venues and local exhibits. My paintings are in collections around the United States as well as Canada and England. 
alexisbaranekart Impressionism Painting/Pintura Tree of happiness

Exhibit Name: paintings

Title: Tree of happiness ( March, 2009)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 0Dolar

Size: 24x24 Inch

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Acrylic

Comments: Imaginary tree - surrounded by spring flowers and flowering bushes.

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