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Name: Alfiaronak Viktoryia

Country: Belarus

Birth Date: 1977-05-04


Contact: +375297104525

Alfiaronak Viktoryia  Belarus


I, Victoria Alferonok, the 1977 birth - living and working in the town of Vitebsk. š
In 1999, she graduated from department of arts and graphics Vitebsk State University. P. M. Masherov. As a student years beginning youth to participate in exhibitions, such as Art-Session, Student Spring. After the university took part in the projects Pan-tone - exhibitions of young artists and beginners, wide exhibitions. It was awarded diplomas BUA first and second degree. š
In 2001, she graduated from art studio S. Davydenko Fantasies kuafyur with the Belarusian Union of Designers, which studied the art of makeup and hair. She participated in activities such as White amphora, 10 years of art museum, Golden Scissors as a makeup artist on. š
In 2006, held a solo exhibition Playing in the theater in the town of Vitebsk in the days of the Slavonic Bazaar, which were presented collages of images, for which invent itself and served the costumes, hair and make. š
In the years 2002-2006 have been issued two poetry collection of Vitebsk poet Dmitry Rubanika for which I performed a series of graphic illustrations, as well as a series of illustrations for the magazine Mishpoha. š
In April of 2008 with the work of Girls in Black has become one of the all-Russian contest winners open Epson My favorite photo of 2008 under the heading Fotoart version of The consumer. Photographic and video cameras . š
Currently an artist-designer shoe Belarusian enterprises Marko. š
Probably the most lucky in life with people. People with whom I socialize, have given me invaluable lessons of life and attitude to art. š
In creativity me interesting experiment, each work - but search balance between the real and abstract, search form and color harmony, rhythm lines and colorful spots. The samples themselves in many types of fine art, working in various techniques - like watercolor, tempera and oil, textiles and graphics, photos and up. The motives for his works find in the world, their fantasies and, of course, poetry.š
Alfiaronak Viktoryia Digital painting Photography/Fotografia Tired shine

Exhibit Name:

Title: Tired shine ( 2007)


Price: 300Euro

Size: 0x0

Art: Photography/Fotografia

Technique: Digital

Comments: "Tired shine" - is up for photographic work on an artistic way - with costumes, makeup and hair. Work can be printed like paper and on canvas

Playing in the theater
Alfiaronak Viktoryia  
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