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Name: Algasov

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 1962-12-16

Contact: 8-(83632)-62201

Algasov  Russia


About the artist 
Nickolay Algasov was born December 16, 1962 on the Volga River in a Kulakovo Village of Gornomariski Region of Marii El Republic. This settlement is located about 70 km (44 miles) near Cheboksary town. 
From the age of 18 until Nickolay was 20 he served in the USSR Army. His service in the Army took him to Germany, where he was a painter/designer. After the Army Nickolay worked as a car driver. 
Nickolays talent is painting. He started at an early age. His teacher often displayed his work as an example for his friends and students. 
“My childhood is associated with beautiful nature of Marii El Republic, forest and woods, meadows, apples and cherry gardens (talks paintings)”. 
One morning Nickolay observed the sunrise and her pipe of birds. Nickolay likes to fishing on the Volga River. In the summer he helps with football and swims. In the winter he does cross-country skiing for his health and plays hockey. When he has free time he draws on canvases. Nickolay started painting seriously 7 years ago. In the summer he works often on his paintings and puts them up for sale in Kozmodemyansk town. Where his work is often bought by tourists from all towns and cities around Russia. Last time Nickolay started painting, he had orders for canvases, and he had orders before he even started painting. Now his paintings are around different parts of Russia. His paintings can be seen in the following parts of Russia: Moscow, Nignii Novgorod, Tolyatti, Samara and in many other cities as well. 
Nickolays paintings that he sales buys officials in Marii El Republic. Officials in the region. Official of banks, factories, plants. Those officials hold positions these officials hold are administrative-management positions. Last time Nickolay was invited to show his canvases in an exhibitions in some cities in Russia. His canvases are very original and unique. This man, who is capable of creating such exquisite canvases, has no formal training in painting. His painting is done on peer talent. He has a really valued name as a painter called “Gods painter”.
Algasov Realism Painting/Pintura birch grove

Exhibit Name: birch grove

Title: birch grove ( 2008)


Price: 1500Euro

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


birch grove
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a village
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a lake
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a mud
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a log of a hunter
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