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Anastasia Danilochkina

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Name: Anastasia Danilochkina

Art: monotype

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 1983-05-29

Contact: 8 965 134 81 85

Anastasia Danilochkina monotype Russia


29 MAY,1983 
TEL.: 8 965 134 81 85 
2000-2002 a student, Department of Applied Art, MOSCOW STATE TEXTILE UNIVERSITY N. A. A.N.KOSYGINA practice Passage at Applied art Faculty: drawing, painting, printmaking .  
2002-2006 a student, Department of Aesthetics, Faculty of Philosophy, MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY M.V. LOMONOSOVA 
2007-2009 - a post-graduate student, Department of Aesthetics, Faculty of Philosophy, MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY. 
At present a coordinator of “Aesthetics: art-business”, post-graduate program at Faculty of Philosophy, MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY M.V. LOMONOSOVA. 


2009 - "Dreams": to motives of the novel «the Master and Margarita».  
AQUAMONOTYPE -author's printmaking technics. 
2010 «Twitterfound. Modern the Aesthetics connects modern», XII exhibition project of Educational gallery of the program of professional retraining «Aesthetics: art business» philosophical faculty of the Moscow State University, the centre of the modern art gallery M'ARS since 10 to 14.03 2010.  
2010 Participation in Week of Arts in Lithuania (ART WEEK in Lithuanian//Rusijos-Lietuvos menų savaitė), street Vokechu, h.2, the Museum-gallery of the modern art of the Lithuanian Union of artists. "The Slavic World - a sight from within". From January, 25th till February, 10th, 2010 in Vilnius with award of the first place in the International competition of a drawing. 
2009 «Ashore. Philosophy event» XI exhibition project of the program «Aesthetics: art business» philosophical faculty of the Moscow State University within the limits of IV Festival of the Science of Moscow. 
2009 THE 29th MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL OF CADAQUES, 2009. Cadaques, Girona, Spain. 
2008 THE 28th MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL OF CADAQUES, 2008. Cadaques, Girona, Spain. 
2008 The FOURTH INTERNATIONAL DRAWING BIENNIAL IN ST.-PETERSBURG "WHITE INTER NIGHTS" BIN-2008. The exhibition passed from June, 18th till June, 29th 2008, ST.-PETERSBURG, Russia. 
2008 «Geysers of Podsoznanija-2», Gallery «On Soljanke», street Soljanka 1 / 2, Moscow, Russia. 
2007 «Taste of the Modernist style», III exhibition project of Educational gallery of the program «Aesthetics: art business» philosophical faculty of the Moscow State University, the Tver street 16/2, Gallery MARSHAN, Moscow, Russia. 
2006 The exhibition of author's artworks within the limits of I Festival of the Science of Moscow. 
Presence of membership in the professional, public creative organisations:  
Member of the CREATIVE UNION of ARTISTS of Russia And the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION of ARTISTS from 26. 02. 2010, section of drawing 
A few words about the author's printmaking technics: «aquamonotype» 
The given author's printmaking technics is based on printing art product in the new art environment to a” water palette”. The product-print is technically formed independently and without author's control, embodying and expressing to graphic means spontaneity. Autonomy of a plan and technics repeats causal of the nature. Therefore on the artworks «traces of the creating nature» are embodied. The unique author's print is technically carried out on the basis of the “ water palette”, therefore the author's technics has received corresponding the etymological name, - «AQUAMONOTYPE». 
Every” aqua- print” cannot be repeated, and, hence,It is unique. Each final product received as a result of its individual immersing in the «water palette», further essentially is not finished by the author. Images, thus, get expressiveness of abstract forms, however, the spectator in the course of perception and momentary experience is capable to see art forms. 
Therefore the perception of artworks is existence a person, the world taken in feelings.  
The titles of the artworks are given after the caused experience, that is they a post-are conceptual.  
I work in oil paints and the artprint is offered to be considered as final product.  
For examples of my artwork, feel free to visit my site at:  
1.The Saatchi Gallery, London gallery  
My reference: 
2.The World Wide Arts Resources Corp.,, 3678 Loudon Street 
Granville, Ohio 43023 
My reference: 
3.ArtNow gallery 
My reference: gallery  
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5.Paintingsilove gallery 
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7. Alborques Collective Exhibition 
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8.Art-3000 Free Online Art gallery 
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9. ArtSlant. contemporary art network 
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10."АРТРЕЕСТР" Единый реестр авторов и их уникальных (нетиражируемых) произведений искусства 
My reference:  
My reference  
Anastasia Danilochkina ------- Painting/Pintura Beauty of Nazareth

Exhibit Name: Nazar? 2009

Title: Beauty of Nazareth ( )


Price: 0------

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


Nazar? 2009
Anastasia Danilochkina  
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