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Art: Modern Miniature

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Contact: +37493241299

ARMEN DANEGHYAN Modern Miniature ------------


Born in 1967,in Yerevan,Armenia.In 1984-1986 studied at the miniature department of the Arts College.In 1990-1993 studied at the Academic Arts University(CAAU).The artist created a new branch,which can be considered as a modern miniature painting,that is a new page in the modern armenian art.There are different series,dedicated to religious,patriotic and other themes.The miniature works of Armen Daneghyan belong to the end of the 20-th century and are a genious expression of our magnificent Miniature of the Middle Ages.The unique art of Armen Daneghyan actually has its deep roofs in Modern Miniature,the basic field of the medieval arts and essentially is Modern Miniature. 
Having got appropriate education in his specialization the artist first of all has mastered the technique of Miniature,which is one of the main demands of the Miniature of the Middle Ages,and then he tried to work on different substances mainly on wood.After a period of strivings he created his main works in the style of Miniature.Namely these we call Modern Miniature a relatively new field in Armenian modern fine arts where Armen displays not only his professional principles and mastership but also religious and art rich reserve. 
The artist represents the Christian traditional items in modern style and gives them original color and imaginary solution. 
This attitude is very important for our art,one of the main principles of which is the comparison between the traditional and the modern.One must appreciate also the devotion and inspiration of the artist towards his works.He seems to have inherited not only the vocation of our medieval artists but also their talent and self-devotion to the work. 


1996 Armenia Yerevan,Araratian Diocese's Gallery 
1997 Armenia Yerevan,Museum of Yeghishe Charents 
1998 Brazil San Paolo,Armenian Consulate Office 
1999 U.S.A Glendale,Armenian Society of Los Angeles 
2001 Armenia Yerevan,Ministry of Culture's Gallery 
2002 U.S.A. Pasadena,AGBU Centre 
2005 France Counsil of Europe 
2008 Iran, Ispahan 
From 1994 up to now participated in republican and international exhibitions in Yerevan,Kharabakh,Moscow,U.S.A.,Germany,Canada,Greece,France,Brazil. 
Armen Daneghyan ------- Painting/Pintura "Marco Polo"

Exhibit Name:

Title: "Marco Polo" ( 2007)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 1300Dolar

Size: 40x30 Cm

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Watercolor

Comments: This picture is devoted to the traveller Marco Polo


How did you start in Art?

I began to paint when i was 8 years old. Then I began to study in Children Painting Studio. But then I couldn't imagine, i would become a proffesional artist.But an internal voice prompted me , that art will always accompany me. That voice didn't deceive me.  

Who is/was your master?

Answering to the question who are my masters, I always answer medieval Armenian miniature artists and their works. 
Based on these works I created new branch and called it Modern Miniature.I think that it is a great time to continue the work of our medieval artists involving new items and new styles. 

Do you think that training is Important or prefer self-taught?

In early stages of his career each artist must get professional education. It is similiar to the thing, when the child is learning the alphabet, and when he is growing up and becomes a poet or a writter, he uses the knowledge and begins the creation of new artworks.

It is possible to live from Art?

If you give that question to an artist, of course it is not possible. For example, for me art besides of being an opportunity to live,is also a hobby, a way to live, aim of life and a pleasent habit. 
The person who is far away from art ,can live without it, but i think the life of such people is meaningless and empty.

Transpiration or inspiration?

While creating an artwork, both transpiration and inspiration are present. When these two things connect with each other, the artist creates new artwork.

Your 3 Favorite Artists Living and Dead

Albrecht Dürer, Toros Roslin and Martiros Saryan.

Work of art that you would like to be the Author and Why

Each artist creates its own artworks.I like many works of art, but they have their authors. To speak the truth, I would like to be only the author of my works.

Is there a Price for Art?

Each artist thinks that his art has no price. And if some works are being sold, that doesnt mean they are losing their price.They only change their location and continue to serve the people.

Everything can be art or are there limits?

Of course not everything can be art. But its very difficult to judge what is and what isn't piece of art. Many people give different marks to the artist's works, but they aren't able to make piece of art themselves. I would not be responsible to mark anybody's art. Time will show everything.

Digital Art. Yes or no?

Of course yes.

"Holly book"
Armen Daneghyan  
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Armen Daneghyan  
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