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Name: Carlos Alvarez Cotera

Art: Painter/Sculptor

Country: United States

Birth Date: 1966-10-10


Carlos Alvarez Cotera Painter/Sculptor United States


I was born in La Havana, Cuba on October 10th 1966 and as a child I started to show interest in the visual arts by drawing lines and wiggles on the pages of my father’s book collection. As I grew up, I would continue drawing on school notebooks and any piece of paper I would find At the age of 14, I found myself in San Jose, Costa Rica. At the age of 16 I discovered a new medium, porcelain and ceramics. Here for the first time I picked up a brush and learned to use paint. I experimented quite a bit with this newfound treasure and became good enough at it to develop classes and teach students my techniques. It was here in Costa Rica where I also experimented with oil paints for the first time. I became a big fan of Salvador Dali’s work and decided to do a replica of one of his master paintings. This was my first work on canvas. I arrived in Miami, Florida in 1985 and became involved in the jewelry business and graduated as a Jewelry Designer from the Gemological Institute of America. In 2001 I joined ArtSouth, a community of artists in Homestead, FL, where I finally pursued my lifelong dream of being a fulltime artist. While at ArtSouth I truly flourished and earned the respect and admiration of my peers and collectors. I became involved in teaching classes in ceramics and drawing and have continued teaching throughout my professional career. I believe that I have influenced people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. I have worked with socially troubled children and children of social minority groups. I have helped them to achieve artistic goals and pursue their creative development. I left ArtSouth on 2004 and opened a commercial gallery, studio and a fine custom framing business. Although I have been strongly influenced by surrealism, I have not limited myself exclusively to this genre. This has allowed me to create an array of different styles and compositions in this marvelous world of art. I now live in North Carolina and I am very excited about continuing my journey and creating new works, each one better than the one before. I am blessed to be able to be what I was meant to be and grateful to life for its gifts and the possibilities ahead. I have exhibited extensively throughout Florida and my work is in many public and private collections My current work can be seen at The Gallery on Greene in Key West, Florida and at Mint Hill Arts, Fine Arts and Crafts Center, a non-profit organization in Mint Hill, North Carolina, where I was elected as First Vice President
Carlos Alvarez Cotera Realism Painting/Pintura Waiting

Exhibit Name: Key West

Title: Waiting ( )


Price: 0Dolar

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


Key West
Carlos Alvarez Cotera  
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