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Name: Denise Williams

Art: Painter

Country: United States

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Contact: 505-424-8136

Denise Williams Painter United States


Artist Denise Williams has been painting for 45 years and has worked diligently for the last 20 to create a new and unique style utilizing traditional artist archival materials. It is thought she accomplished this goal in 2004 both in artistic representation of subject matter and in the finish of pieces as well. The end result is a depth and luminosity of product that is felt to be unique to the market.


REPRESENTATION, Commissions, Exhibits, Promotions, Etc. 
• 2009 Jezebel, Madrid, NM 
• 2008 - 09 X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, Group show Dec. ’08. 
• 2008 - 09 Kay-Lochausen Fine Art Gallery, El Paso, TX 
• 2008 - 09 Antiquarius Imports, Santa Fe, NM 
• 2008 - 09 Art Impact, Chicago, IL  
• 2008 - 09 Camorra Fine Art, San Francisco, CA 
• 2008 - 09 Foleys Fine Art, Sarasota, FL  
• 2007 - 09 Santa Fe ArtWorld 
• 2008 Portrait commission, Sayed Badreya 
• 2008 First International Autumn Auction held in Taiepei, Taiwan (November) 
• 2008 Buddhist Forshang Temple, Taiwan  
• 2008 Christi Naked, New Classic Nude Art Competition, Miami, FL 
• 2008 Artisan, Santa Fe, NM – Featured January  
• 2007 The Christiana “New Nude” Art Competition, NY - finalist 
• 2007 World Wide Figure Drawing League 
• 2007 Art of Chicago, (Featured Artist, May 2007)  
• 2007 Designer Showcase of Homes, Sarasota, FL, - Feb.  
• 2006, 07 Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, Chelsea District, NY –  
• 2006, 07 Paradigm Art, Sarasota, FL 
• 2006 Doug Meyer Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY  
• 2005, 08 Art World Chicago - Feature Artist 2005  
• 2005 NM ART EXPO: Rio Grande Art Association, Albuquerque, NM - May  
• 2005 Houshang, Santa Fe, NM, Jan - May  
• 2004 Katiwhompas Gallery, Santa Fe, NM – June – solo show  
• 2003 Tierra Contenta Art Fair, Santa Fe, NM - November  
• 2002, 03 Massage & Banya Spa, Santa Fe, NM - Premier Artist 
• 2001, 02 Cleansheets Gallery, Edmonton, AB Canada - Featured Artist 2001 
• 2001 Mayberry Gallery, Reno, NV 
• 2001 New Medium Art, Reno, NV  
• 2001 The Offering for promotion of Saving Egyptian Film Classics motion 
picture produced by Sayed Badreya – Zoom In Focus Productions 
• 2001 Cover art for CD/musical score by Mark Wolfram for Saving Egyptian 
Film Classics -Wolfram Productions 
• 2001 Heart of America for a film documentary produced by Sayed Badreya.  
featured on Sayed’s Website:  
• 2000 Installation, Tai Chi Chuan, Santa Fe, NM 2000 
• 2009 A Published Gallery – InnerCircle Publishing 
• 2007 Art of Chicago – full story 
• 2007 Gallery Guide 
• 2007 M – New York Art World 
• 2007 Art in America – Chelsea Guide 
• 2007 Art & Auction 
• 2007 SRQ, Sarasota’s Premier Magazine 
• 2006 – 07 Artnet 
• 2006 – 08 Ask Art  
• 2003 Neighborhood News, Nov/Dec 
• 2002 N Magazine, Reno, NV- Feature Story 
• 2001 Clean Sheets, Ontario, Canada – Full article 
Denise Williams Impressionism Painting/Pintura Where he last stood

Exhibit Name: Antiquarius Imports

Title: Where he last stood ( Dez-07)


Price: 350Dolar

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Acrylic



How did you start in Art?

I don't know, it has always been a part of my life.

Who is/was your master?

da Vinci, Monet, William Turner, Van Gogh, and Gauguin

Do you think that training is Important or prefer self-taught?

I think it is important to have both.

It is possible to live from Art?

It depends on what you want.

Transpiration or inspiration?

leaving something behind of beauty. . ..

Your 3 Favorite Artists Living and Dead

da Vinci, William Tode, and William Turner

Work of art that you would like to be the Author and Why

The Mona Lisa. Before the viewing the Mona Lisa, I thought art was a part of life, that everyone did it. After seeing her beauty, I learned that only a few go on to create.

Is there a Price for Art?

The true price for art is the gift from the soul of the artist.

Everything can be art or are there limits?

Art is life and beauty. It makes it's own contribution to the world.

Digital Art. Yes or no?

I have seen some really incredible digital art. Like everything which is a new frontier, it is still yet to be defined, but there are artists today making that definition.

Antiquarius Imports
Denise Williams  
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Kay-Lochausen Gallery
Denise Williams  
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X-Power Gallery
Denise Williams  
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Trinity Series
Denise Williams  
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Jezebel Gallery
Denise Williams  
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