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Name: Despina Papadopoulou

Art: Painting

Country: Germany

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Despina Papadopoulou Painting Germany


My name is Despina Papadopoulou..and Iam autodidact painter. 
I come from Greek,born 1963,and I live in Germany. 
My Art 
The unprotected,vulnerable and deeply injured is the central theme of my art. I had as a nurse for many years worked...until 3 prior years I decided a new way to go. The path of Art!!! I will very clearly and also Drastik to the dark side of being notice.Because far too often is away,will remain closed if the view of things that nobody really wants to be true!! I would like to address the external and internal injuries,the injury to the peoples sake only inflict themselves are capable of!!! Without guilty and yet again they are occuring as a daily,steadily and in secret,in silence with and against each other!! The viewer of my works is required to inner contemplation and reflection,for making thoughts on his OWN!! 
The central theme of my art is deeply wounded being. 
Zentrales Thema meiner Kunst ist das zutiefst verletzte Sein. 
To kendriko Thema tis Tehnis mou ine ta exoterika ke esoterika Trawmata tou kathenos mas. 
My paintings radiate something beautiful! 
It is the reconciled relationship with their own mortality and a sense of the sensuality of suffering and death!


* 09.06. - 10.06.2009 
* Darmstadtium 
* 64283 Darmstadt 
* "Stigmata - Bilder des Seins" 
* 23.09. - 24.10.2009 
* Galerie 
* 85354 Freising 
* Art and Prison: "Mit den Augen der anderen" 
* 03.09. - 06.11.2009 
* Pax-Bank Berlin 
* 10115 Berlin 
* Internationale Ausstellung "Human Rights?" 
* 11.09. - 11.10.2009 
* Museum de Belvedere 
* Caserta, Italien 
* "Healing Through Creativity" 
* 17.-24.10.2009 
* Roanoke, Virginia 
* USA  
* International Mail Art 2009  
* "No to Violence - Yes to Create - The Limits" 
* 01.-11.12.2009 
* Exhibition Aristotle University Tower 
* Thessaloniki, Griechenland 
* MundiArt3 
* International Contemporary Art Show 
* 22.11.- 20.12.2009 in Brasilien 
In Vorbereitung: Ausstellung in Venedig/Italien Januar 2010 
Weitere Ausstellungen in 2010 geplant in Italien, Schweiz, Portugal, Spanien und in Leipzig 
In der Internetkunstplattform wurde im Mai 2008 mein Gemälde 
"Die Stille" zu einem der zehn besten Werke gewählt. 
Abbildungen von zweien meiner Werke finden sich in der Publikation: 
Brückenschlag, hrsg. vom Paranus-Verlag, Neumuenster 2009 
November 2009: Portrait im spanischen Art Magazin "Evolutionsart" 
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Despina Papadopoulou  
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