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Name: Dmitriy

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 1981-07-23

Contact: 8 911 959 10 25

Dmitriy  Russia


Dmitriy Onishenko began to paint in 1999. He graduated the Institute of Art and Culture in Barnaul (Russia), design department in 2003. He was very interested in taking part in different exhibitions. In 2002 Dmitriy Onishenko and Nikolai Aladinskiy organized an exhibition called Different Wool. In 2003 the joint exhibition of Alexei Biryukoff and Dmitriy Onishenko Naked Loneliness took place in Barnaul. After moving to Saint-Petersburg he became a student of the Theatre Academy because of his interest in synthesis of fine art and theatre. In Saint-Petersburg he organized an exhibition Service for Violet Witch. Besides he took part in Biennial Graphics - project by Yurii Yahnin in 2004.  
This artist is not a follower of one style. He tries to reflect all that catches his eye. The object is not important. What is important - is the feeling that the artist has about it. Dmitriy Onishenko does not press on onlookers, he gives absolute freedom of interpretation of his works. His paintings are the look into the heart of outward things through the colors and combinations of lines. And everybody can find the closest things only for himself.  

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