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Name: EMen

Art: paintings

Country: ------------

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


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Born in St. Petersburg, Russia 
1979-1983 Junior Artist, Junior Art College, St. Petersburg, Russia 
1984-1989 Master degree in Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University 
1993-1997 Bachelor degree in Film Directing, St. Petersburg Institute of Cinematography and Television 
2000 Selected Group Exhibition, Brisbane Institute of Art. 
2000 Solo Exhibition, Thompson Hannah Lawyers, Brisbane Club Tower, 241 Adelaide St., Brisbane 
2000 “Intimate World of Objects”, Solo Exhibition, Gallery 4017, Brisbane 
2001 “Sets”, Solo Exhibition, Doggett Street Studio, Brisbane. 
2004 Solo Exhibition, EIB Gallery, Wynnum, Brisbane 
2005 Group Exhibition, Ascot Art Gallery, Brisbane 
2005 May-June, Solo Exhibition, Ascot Art Gallery, Brisbane 
2005 August, invited to exhibit and to be represented by the Agora Gallery, New York, USA 
2005 November, finalist, Global Art Movement Competition, London, UK 
2005 December, “Smile”, Group Exhibition, Ascot Art Gallery 
2006 March, Group Exhibition, Grand Opening of RM galleries at Palma Rosa, Hamilton, Brisbane 
2006 April, “Little Structures”, group exhibition at EIB gallery, Wynnum 
2006 May, “Geometry in Color”, Solo Exhibition at RM galleries, Palma Rosa 
2006 September, St Sebastian Art Spring Exhibition, Brisbane 
2006 October, invited to exhibit at Florence Biennale 2007, Italy 
2006 November, finalist of Medial Museum Biennale 2007, London, UK 
2006 November, Group Exhibition at RM galleries, Palma Rosa 
2006 December, participant of the GA 2006 International Art Conference, Milan, Italy 
2007 January, Featured Artist at 
2007 February, Group Exhibition at RM galleries at Palma Rosa, Hamilton 
2007 March, Honorable award at Medial Museum Biennale 2007, London, UK 
2007 May, The Collectors’ Exhibition, Steps Gallery 62, Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne 
2007 May - June “Bright and Contemporary” at “Tongue N Groove” restaurant, West End, Brisbane 
2007 July, new works at RM galleries at Palma Rosa, Brisbane 
2007 September, Warwick Art prize exhibition, Warwick Art Gallery, QLD 
2007 December, artworks at International Art Conference (generative art) Milan, Italy 
2008 January, Art Auction at Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne 
2008 January, Featured Artist on, New York 
Featured Artist on, France 
Interview on 
2008 March, international group exhibition at Galleria Poliedro Trieste, Italy 
2008 May - June, Solo Exhibition “TRANSFORMATION OF HUMDRUM” at the Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne 
2008 August - September, “Presence of Mind”, international exhibition with L’AGENZIA DI ARTE at Galeria Atlantica, Viamoura, Portugal 
2008 October - November, 14th international exhibition of L’AGENZIA DI ARTE at Artes Plasticas de Vendas Novas, Portugal 
2008 November, art exhibition “600-years of Chateau des Reaux”, Chateau des Reaux, France 
DolmatConnell & Partners, Inc., Boston, USA; 
Chateau des Reaux, public gallery, Chouze sur Loire, France 
Private collections : Russia; USA; Australia; Sweden.; Canada ;UK 
One Day of Actor’s Life, 1995, 35 mm, b/w, 10 min, Saint Petersburg, Russia 
International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, 1995, video, 30 min, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 
Orange of the Sculptor, 1996, 35 mm, color, 5 min, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 
Corrosive Materials, 1997, video program, Knoxville Television, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA 
Mosaic Hills of East Tennessee, 1998, video, 20 min, Tennessee, USA 
EMen Contemporary Art Painting/Pintura lady and a huge red pear

Exhibit Name:

Title: lady and a huge red pear ( 2007)


Price: 2200Dolar

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


Jackman gallery Melbourne
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galleria Poliedro Trieste Italy
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Jackman gallery Melbourne Australia
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