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Art: V.S.T.D'aquino, 29

Country: Italy

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Contact: 3488089701 V.S.T.D'aquino, 29 Italy


Prejudice to introduce myself, 
my name is Filippo Eridieri live near Rome, but I was born in Tuscany. 
You briefly tell you my passion for photography ..... My passion comes out in a sad moment of my life, I was in the car while I was crying the death of my father ... in the meantime I started to look at the sky .. . the clouds ... and I began to take pictures .... the Photography I always excites ... when I take a picture I get excited I am moved to a sunset, clouds, sunrise, nature .... in everything that my eyes ask me to freeze the image .... at that time are the happiest person on the planet. I thank you sincerely. 
Filippo Eridieri 

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