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La bottega d'arte del maestro Giovanni Lo Curto

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Name: locurtogiovanni

Art: Pittore, scultore e poeta

Country: Italy

Birth Date: 1946-03-19


locurtogiovanni Pittore, scultore e poeta Italy


John Lo Curto was born in Rome on 19 March 1946. His father Rosolino, naive painter, close to the world of art as a child, particularly marking his artistic training through the study of painting techniques of the great masters of the Renaissance. In 1966, it is with the circle of painters of the Artists Martin in Piazza San Luca, behind Trevi Fountain in Rome.  
In 1968 at Turin, where an attic takes in Verdi, in the district of the artists a few steps away from the Fine Arts. The following year he moved the study in September twentieth, and after about five years, in 1974, became the seat of the Circle of the Pennellaccio Artists, founded together with the father, Masia, Tositti and Zagami. It is now the first elected president, then Honorary President for life.  
During these years has an intense artistic production and start studying sbalzature on copper, helped in this by my Masia. Join numerous artistic receiving consensus of connoisseurs and art critics.  
In 1976 it again in Rome. The artistic experiences in Turin, leading after a few years to attend school free plastic direct from the first Manzù and then Castelli, with the wonderful assistance of the Master Zizza.  
His is a continuous study. He wants to deepen the study dell'acquerello in miniature, especially on ivory and dedicated for more than a decade, assisted in this by Mrs. Ivana Joli Fedeli, an artist special, also with a lot of confidentiality and discretion, and a lot of patience.  
Also conducts studies for the creation of lithographic leather relief that concludes with the implementation of litho Jesus scourged beginning to produce in 1996.  
locurtogiovanni Neo-classicism Painting/Pintura Studio della Madonna del Murillo

Exhibit Name:

Title: Studio della Madonna del Murillo ( )


Price: 0------

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


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