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Name: Gregory Gamaley

Art: Painting

Country: Ukraine

Birth Date: 1979-03-06


Gregory Gamaley Painting Ukraine


Gregory Gamaley is a participant of regional and national exhibitions. His works are displayed at the Ukrainian Impressionism Art Shows which had place abroad. Gregory Gamaley’s artworks are in private collections in Ukraine, USA and Germany. He is member of Ukraine Artists Union (youth organization).  
Gregory Gamaley was born in Tver, Russia on March 6, 1979. He was keen on drawing from young age. Starting from the 6th form of secondary school he was studying at Kharkiv art school, where he became acquainted with painting, drawing and sculpture basics. In 1994 he successfully graduated the school. Especially he was keen on still life, that has attracted with colouring.  
The same year he had successfully passed exams to Art College in Kharkiv. Great role in the life on young painter was played by Mr. Chursin, professor and painter. They were painting a lot together in pictoresques places in Clobozhanschina. In 1999 he is successfully presenting his diploma work Pokrovsky Cathedral in the evening and obtaining diploma with award. At the same year Autumn. Old Kharkiv was presented at the Christmas exhibition in Kharkiv House of Painters. The picture was marked by journalists in Vecherny Kharkiv newspaper.  
From 1999 till 2005 Gregory studied at architecture cathedra of National Academy of Minicipal Economy of Kharkiv. During this period of study a lot of city landscapes and drawings had been made.In year 2001 he organized personal exhibition in the museum of Kharkiv National Academy. At present moment Gregory is teaching in National Academy of Kharkiv. The painter is often works on plain air in various places of Ukraine: Crimea, Kherson region where he is always finding motives for his pictures - it is sea, mountains, yachts. The other passion is to draw still lifes with flowers and fruits.


Solo exhibitions:  
2001, November - National Academy of Minicipal Economy of Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2000, October - Kharkiv State scienctific library, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
Selected mixed exhibition:  
2008, October- House of Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2007, October- House of Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2006, December- AVEC, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2006, October- House of Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2006, February - "Maestro" Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2004, July - "Maestro" Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2002, December - Kharkiv Academy of Design and Art, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2001, December - House of Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2001, December - Academy of Design and Art of Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
2000, December - House of Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  
1999, December - House of Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Gregory Gamaley Realism Painting/Pintura Roses

Exhibit Name: Greg Gamaley?s artworks

Title: Roses ( 2006)


Price: 1500Euro

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


Greg Gamaley?s artworks
Gregory Gamaley  
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