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Alborques Online Art Gallery - Painting, Sculpture, Photo, Handicraft and Theatre




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The Alborques is an Online Art Gallery whose mission is to disseminate worldwide art.

We currently have hundreds of Artists from various fields including painting, sculpture, photography, handicrafts, among others.

To belong to the group of Artists of Alborques you just have carry out the Register and Submit your biography and works for display by filling out the various forms in the Artist reserved area.

This is a FREE Art Gallery, so the Artist does not support any cost, and there is no limit on the number of pieces for exhibition.

If you have questions or need any further clarification, please contact us to the e-mail





By Country
Brazil 270
Russia 207
Portugal 118
United States 79
Italy 61
Spain 53
Ukraine 47
India 33
Germany 26
Argentina 22

By Technique
Oil 3445
Acrylic 1530
Watercolor 428
Digital 268
Dry pastel 171
Ink 153
Tempera 68
Gouache 33
Oil pastel 35
Engraving 43

By Style
Realism 1162
Abstract 893
Contemporary Art 881
Impressionism 690
Expressionism 603
Figuration Libre 576
Surrealism 404
Abstract Expressionism 264
Naive art 220
Digital painting 199

By Type
Landscape / Paisagem 1516
Genre works / Pintura de G?nero 901
Portrait / Retrato 770
Still life / Natureza Morta 550
Nude / Nu 378
Religious / Religioso 211
History / Historico 209
Animal /Animal 166
Buildings / Monumentos 142
Genre works / Pintura de Género 27

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