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Name: johnpowellpaintings

Art: Painting/Oil & Mixed Media

Country: Jamaica

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Contact: 1876--4708510

johnpowellpaintings Painting/Oil & Mixed Media Jamaica


Mandeville P.O., Manchester, Jamaica 
TeleFax/Cell: (876) 470-8510 
BORN: 1960 Manchester, Jamaica 
EDUCATION: 1993-94 University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica 
1987-90 Certificate (Honors.), Fine Arts, Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts (EMCVPA), Kingston, Jamaica 
1986-87 Knox Community College 
2012 SCOPE Art Show Miami 
2012 Art Takes Time Square Premiere event Broadway New York  
June 18,July 1,2012 
2012 Nyiracsad ThanMor Art Museum-Hungary Europe,May 18/2012 
the works will remain in the collection of the Museum  
2011-2012 Rome/Italy December 17/2011 to July 30/2012-Space Gallery-  
Climate Change World touring Exhibition 
2008,2009,-2011 World HIV/AIDS Day art exhibition (Miami International  
University of Art & Design 1501 Biscayne Boulevard, 
2011 Art History Channel/21st Century Artists Gallery (Ohio USA) 
2009- Climate Change-The Impact ,Mill Street Loft Gallery,45  
Pershing Avenue, Poughkeepsie, New York,USA 
May 16th,2009 
2oo8- Climate Change-The Impact, 
November 27th,2008 at the historic KORNHAUS,  
Kempten,Oberallgau,Germany in the framework of EZA! 
10th anniversary,20 artists-9Countries 
2008- “Climate Change-The Impact ,Feb 20-March 1-2008-ACA Gallery 183 Queen Street East,(at Jarvis) Toronto,Ontario M5AIS2 Canada 
2007- “Climate Change – The Impact “International Digital Art Exhibition -24th August -16th Sept 2007 22 artists -10 Countries, at Lost Dog -1150 Main Avenue-Durango- Colarado USA  
2007- Exhibition April 1st-2007,”Climate Change-The Impact “ 
International Digital Art Exhibition (Wuppertal/Germany) 
Exhibition 3rd-30th June 2006-Galerie Kalina,”Regen/Germany” 
2006- Exhibition 10th March, Gallery, “Dwor Zieleniewskich”,in 
Trzebinia (Trzebinia,ul.j.Pisudskiego 47a). 
2005 Bird 2005 International Award, Commonwealth Exhibition, GUFANG GALLERY (Beijing China) 
2005- December 9th, (MOKSIR), Poland Chelmek,  
2004- Saturn Art,(Online Exhibition.) North American host site 
2004- Cologne Cyber Dome,( Online show.) Central American host site.  
2004- Celebrating Venus Transit, (Worldwide Online show.) Hawaiian  
host site 
2004-05 Exhibition & Auction , 
Saint-Auvent Castle (France), . . . . 
2002-04, Online Gallery,(Europe) 
2003-04 abs - gallery .com 
1990-97 Bracoe Village Resort, Jamaica 
Edna Manley College (EMCVPA)  
2005- Devon House (Tsunami Project/Donation) 
2000 Jamaican Artists & Craftsmen Guil, 10th Anniversary Show, 
Le Meridien,Jamaica Pegasus, Kingston Jamaica 
2001- Artist of the Year, the Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica  
1997-2003 Sun Art Gallery, Half Moon Hotel, Jamaica 
1990-96 Annual National Exhibition,  
1998,2000 National Gallery of Jamaica. 
1997-2004 Gallery Pegasus, Kingston, Jamaica 
2001 Tryall Golf Club  
1994- 2000,  
2001-2003 Mandeville Annual Arts Exhibition,  
Manchester, Jamaica 
1999 Mid-Generation, Mutual Life Gallery, Kingston,  
1994-98 Young Generation, Mutual Life Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica 
1996 M. K. Gallery,Spectrum Gallery Red-Cross, Le Meridien Jamaica Pegasus, Kingston, Jamaica 
1995 Mico Teachers’ College, Kingston, Jamaica Heart Foundation of Jamaica 
1993-94 Young Talent, The Bay Gallery, Montego Bay, Jamaica 
1993 Rotary Art Auction, The Bay Gallery, Montego Bay, Jamaica 
1991-92 United Foundation of Jamaica, Mutual Life Gallery, Kingston,Jamaica  
1991 Chelsea Galleries, Kingston, Jamaica  
2012 Inducted/Honored in 11th Caribbean HALL OF FAMENovember 23rd Award for Excellence for Visual Arts 
2012 Man of the Year 2012, by American Biographical Institute, Inc.  
2007 Man of Achievement Award, by American Biographical Institute Inc 
2007 Gold Medal for Jamaica,by American Biographical Institute, Inc  
2005- Honorable Award-Bird2005 International Art Award, 
Commonwealth Competition, Beijing Natural Culture Center (Beijing China)  
2003-2004 Golden Web Award winner, 
2002 Kara Art Bronze Award,, . .  
2002 Man of Achievement Award by the International Biographical .  
(IBC), Cambridge, England 
2002 21st Century Award for Achievement by the International .  
Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England  
2001 Nomination for International Man of the Year by the  
International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England 
2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century by the International  
Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England 
1998-2003 Four, Certificates of Recognition & Who's Who in the World 
of Arts-15th,16th, 17th & 20th, Editions by Marquis Who's Who  
Publication Board. 
2005 Certificate of Collection, for artwork Spirit of Piece by Artist  
John Powell, was collected into the Beijing National Culture Center  
1990 Two, National Certificates of (MERIT) 
1991 Bronze Medal, (JCDC) Festival Competition 
1986-1990 Rotary Scholarship  
Invited by Rotary international as keynote speaker on the topic: (Art  
and the Economy-Hit or Miss)-2009.  
Dissertation/Thesis, Art appreciation classes, looking at Art,  
research papers, interviews, locally & Internationally (done on : John  
Interviewed by: Japanese Journalist, Shogo Sugawara, 
Director of NHK-TV Company,for the japan TV audience February-  
TVJ, program:Smile Jamaica -1997 
RJR Intertainment News,Program: Sounds and Scenes.  
Nyack College, Manhattan N.Y.(USA), by Student: Denice.  
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, (USA), by student: Beth. 
San Antonio College (Texas), by student: Maria Vasquea. 
Edna Manley College of The Visual & Performing Arts, (EMCVPA),  
Kingston Jamaica, by a student of the (School of Visual Arts). 
Northern Caribbean University, (N.C.U), Student.  
Artist-in-residence Bracoe Village, 1997.  
Consultant Contemporary Who's Who, American Biographical  
Consultant editor, American Biographical Institute. 
Nominated by The Internal Committee to participate in the Fifth Annual - International Biennial of Contemporary Art 
Namination for the United Culture Convention’s International Peace Prize, 2006,by The  
United Convention of the United State of America (ABI). 
December, 2005, Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy, 
I1 Presidente della Biennale 
Prof .Pasquale Celona 
Invited to exhibit in the Florence Biennale Italy.Biennale Internazionle 
Pro.Pasquale Celona and the Committee.  
The International Scientific Committee has selected/invited Mr. John  
Powell to 
participate in the Biennale as Exhibiting Artist for his country Biennale In- 
ternazionale dell' Arte Contemporanea,the fourth edition in Florence  
December 2003. 
President of the Biennale 
Prof .Pasquale Celona  
* National Gallery of Jamaica, Metro. Museum of Art 
* Contemporary Who's Who, Board member,  
* (American Biographical Institute) 
* Webism Group of Worldwide Artists 
* I SA-International Society of Artists 
* Climate Change-The Impact (World)  
* President of World Art Games (WAG),Jamaica  
Contemporary Who’s Who 2003/2004, published by, American Biographical Institute 
Contemporary Who’s Who 2004, publication by, American Biographical Institute, International Directory of Experts and Expertise 2005-2008, Premier Edition, American Biographical Institute 
Inducted/Listed in the (Register of the World’s Most Respected Experts) by, (ABI), 2006 
Contemporary Who’s Who, (World’s Most Respected Experts), by (ABI), 2007 
Russian newspaper:Rabota i Obrazovanie “Captioned”: Artpeople 
The Jamaican-A Rayne Publication Volume 111-1989 
Who's Who & What's What in Jamaican Arts & Entertainment,1st Edition 
The Millennium Edition of Who's Who in the world 
Who’s Who in the World 26th Edition-2008 
Who’s Who in the World 25th Silver Anniversary Edition 
Who’s Who in the World 2007-24th Deluxe Edition 
Who's Who in the World, Classic- 23rd Edition 
Who's Who in the World, Classic- 22nd Edition 
Who's Who in the World, Classic- 21st Edition 
Who's Who in the World, Classic- 20th Edition 
Who's Who in the World, Classic-19th Edition 
Who's Who in the World, Classic-18th Edition 
Who's Who in the World, Classic-17th Edition 
Who's Who in the World, Classic-16th Edition 
Who's Who in the World, Classic-15th Edition 
♣ Dictionary of International Biography, 27th Edition 
♣ Dictionary of International Biography, 28th Edition 
♣ Dictionary of International Biography, 29th Edition 
. ♣ 1998, 99-01, 02 
. ♣ 2000 outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century -2008-(IBC), publications 
Madison Who’s Who include edition 2005-2010 Publication 
. ♣ Outstanding People of the 20th Century, 21st & 2nd Edition, International Biography, IBC  
. ♣ Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century, International Biography, IBC Publications 
. ♣ Inducted in the book, Living Legends”, International Biography, IBC Publications 
Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Jamaica 
Bank of Jamaica (BOJ),co-operate collection 
In the National Collection of the state of (Chelmek Poland) 
Beijing National Culture Center, (Beijing China) 
Wesley Salter, Attorney-at-Law é Sir Florizel Glasspole é Sir Howard Cooke é Senator Oswald Harding é Donna Scott-Mottley é Dr. Karl Runcie, USA é Malcolm Uglow (Canada) é Daniel Switalski, USA é Vernon Chung, é Bank of Jamaica Governor, Derick Latibeaudiere é French Embassy (Kingston) é Citizens Bank é ICWI Group é Bank of Nova Scotia é Dr. Olive Lewin é Hope Brooks, artist and Dean, Edna Manley College for the Visual & Performing Arts EMCVPAé Rev. Carmen Stewart, Custos of Kingston & St. Andrew é Michele Naylor, lawyer é Dr. & Mrs. John Malcolm é Wesley van Riel, economist é Vivian Crawford, banker & executive director of the Institute of Jamaica é Ron Burgess, businessman é Roy Golding, banker é Pat Kentish, artist é Dr. Robinson é Dr. Beryl Allen, lecturer, UWI é Mr. Peyser, hotelier, USA é Ms. Barbara Peart, Cable & Wireless Branch Manager é Bracoe Village Resort Hotel é Deborah Vamdame, Canada éMr. William S. Richard, Canada éJanice Elliot, salesmanager Euro Star Motors Limited éDrs. Wade & Velmoure Morgan éMr. & Mrs. Jupont, Belgium éBob Lily, Chicago éAngela Wilson, England éLavern Laslron, (Belgium),Sadie Song 
Rev. Carmen Stewart, Custos of Kingston & St. Andrewé Mr. Daniel Switalski, USA é 
Mrs. Daisy Chung, business éMr. & Mrs. D. Young éBridgeport Comprehensive High School (presented to the Governor General of Jamaica The Right Honorable Sir Howard Cooke) éMrs. McNair Margaret é Mrs. Margaret Kuchenrenther, US 
. ♣ Galerie kalina “Regen/Germany”  
. ♣ Gallery Pegasus 
. ♣ 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5, Jamaica Tel: (876) 926-3690-9 Ext. 3020, 
. ♣ Fax: (876)-929 - 5855 - Email: 
. ♣ Gallery NordHof (Germany) 
. ♣ 
In order to see the 'impossible', you need to see the 'invisible'; 
My art is a 'leap',only if the viewer can 'listen';  
My work speaks in the future tense,in the context of time,a painter.I choose not to privilege any one medium.The emotional and psychological content of my subject,the way the body expresses its emotion.It contextualizes the concepts of the duality of the meaning of the imagery. My style is an expression of my phillosophy which becomes a language,using,Post Modern,Expressionism,Latin American Tradition,Surrealism,soft Classism and Photography.It expresses my deep awareness of global issues and is counterbalanced with my cultural heritage. 
My inspiration originates from life/nature; Its too spiritual to express.However,it is the same expressive energy as the work,transfused between energies;I use a certain iconograhy,which becomes a language. My art has helped me to see that nothing on earth is solitary,all things are interlinked. 
johnpowellpaintings Contemporary Art

Exhibit Name: JohnPowellPaintings

Title: ( 2/5/2016)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 199Dolar

Size: 0x0



Comments: The original painting is "NOT" for sale at the moment.However,I am " only" offering prints on paper and canvas.Ship worldwide,3-10 business days.N.B.The price seen is for 20 x16-24 x15 prints and " price" NOT includes shipping and handling; please contact the artist for shipping cost depending on where clients live.


How did you start in Art?

I started drawing at age 5 and it continued through out my childhood until now.My mother is a "teacher" and a "singer" and I remembered when I came home for lunch,she would tell me about a famous artist call: "Edna Manley" and her work.

Who is/was your master?

Leonardo Da Vinci

Do you think that training is Important or prefer self-taught?

Training is important because it helps an artist vision and perspective

It is possible to live from Art?

Yes,it is possible to live from Art,Pablo Picasso had done it,also Leonardo Da Vinci to name a few

Transpiration or inspiration?

Inspiration because I was given a gift from "God" to create Art and it's a "talent" and " talent" cannot be " measured" nor "predict"

Your 3 Favorite Artists Living and Dead

Henry Matise,Leonardo Da Vinci and David Hockney

Work of art that you would like to be the Author and Why

"The Mona Lisa",because of it's enigmatic mystory

Is there a Price for Art?

No!Because just as how "The Mona Lisa",transcends" time",it's the same as it's " value"

Everything can be art or are there limits?

There are limits to what can be classified as "Art"

Digital Art. Yes or no?


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