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Name: Karin

Art: Painting

Country: Germany

Birth Date: 0000-00-00

Karin Painting Germany


Born and raised in Lemgo (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany. 
Professional training as Designer for Showcases and Displays. 
Study abroad term in the Dominican Republic, 1982-1985. 
Graphic Arts and Design Studies at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Germany. 
Graduation with a degree in Design (Dipl.-Designerin), 1992. 
Working as free artist and designer. 
Mythological, mystic inner events form the centre and focus of my artwork, just as much as images of journeys or peregrine, strange places.  
Myth and dream belong together. Besides their pictorial language, they are also the language of every human being’s interior, the soul. This language holds images, which I transfer to the outside, onto canvas. 
Accordingly, “Die Götter sind tot” [The Gods are dead] does not only show the symbolism of Greek mythology, but also the dolor for the loss of this time and its elusiveness. Because ultimately, deep mythological thinking has been lost and its symbolism only remains allegory. 
A further characteristic of my artwork are the colors. I appreciate an intensive coloring and contrasts. My artwork is supposed to gleam, to shine magically. It is supposed to be lucid and bright, but to also show the dark. 
It is supposed to take the beholder on a journey. This way, the beholder can absorb the silence and observe the flight of the seagulls from a viewpoint amidst the sea (“Atlantico”) and still sense how deep the sea is underneath him. 
The beholder is invited to perceive the magic of a “cofradia de silencio” (“Cofradia”) and internalize it as a mystic moment. 
You are invited to observe the “Dame mit Hut” [Lady with Hat] and ask yourself: What is she thinking about? 
But you are also invited, as in “Education”, to experience the difficulties of our educational system and ask yourself: What is knowledge, what is faith, what is powerlessness, where do I stand? 
In “Finale”, you are invited to deal with religion and to identify it as a summary of Christian belief today.
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