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Name: Kara-Kotsya

Art: fine and decorative paintings

Country: Ukraine

Birth Date: 1978-05-09


Contact: +38098-792-98-21

Kara-Kotsya fine and decorative paintings Ukraine


Lesya Kara-Kotsya was born in Moscow, where her parents came for studies. Very soon the family moved back to Ukraine. She spent the first years of her life in a picturesque village of Vilshana (UA), where she now likes to travel to and paint new pictures.  
Lesya graduated from the State College of Light Industry and Academy of Arts (Kyiv, UA).  
She has taken part in many exhibitions and international festivals.  
Lesya published her book ''Khobotarky' Travels, Rescuing the Spring Sun' (in Ukrainian).  
She creates fine and decorative paintings.  
Her paintings belong to museums in Ukraine and private collections around the world.


SOLO exhibitions:  
2009 - Kyyanka NOVA, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
2008 - PRETAPORTE 2009. The National Reserve "St. Sofia of Kyiv". Kyiv, Ukraine.  
2008 - Latin Expressions. Ariadna gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2008 - KARAKOKO. Lesya Kara-Kotsya's retrospective exhibition. The Foundation for Promotion of Atrs Development. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2008 - travelling exhibition "Horoscopes, or Zodiac in Ukrainian", Tea club. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2007 - travelling exhibition "Horoscopes, or Zodiac in Ukrainian", Silver Bells gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2007 - travelling exhibition "Horoscopes, or Zodiac in Ukrainian", Krep de Shin restaurant. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2007 - "Khobotarky' Chronicles", Griphon gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2007 - March - exhibition, devoted to the 8th of March. Cherkassy. Ukraine.  
2006 - Khobotarky in Silver Bells. Silver Bells gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2006 - New khobotarky' adventures. Restaurant Krep de shin. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2006 - Solo exhibition. Expocentre. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2006 - "Spring vernisag". Tadj restaurant. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2006 - "Travelling of Albimoses of the spotty khobotarka". Krep de shin restaurant. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2005 - Solo exhibition at the Mint of NBU (National Bank of Ukraine). Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2004 - "I''ll present the world with a smile". Griphon gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2002 - Carving and applique works. Expocentre. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
(exhibitions at children' establishments)  
2007 - May - exhibition at Athens school. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2007 - April - exhibition at a family club "KOLO". Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2007 - March - exhibition at UMKA kindergarten. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2008 - Christmas Exhibition, devoted to 100th Anniversary from Mariya Prymachenko's birthday. Kyiv, Ukraine.  
2004 - "Molodizhna" (youth exhibition). Simferopil. Ukraine.  
2004 - "Malyovnycha Ukraina" (picturesque Ukraine). Sevastopil. Ukraine.  
2003 - Day of Artist. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2003 - Creative women of Ukraine. Cherkassy. Ukraine.  
2002 - "Molodizhna" (youth exhibition). Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2002 - "Malyovnycha Ukraina" (picturesque Ukraine). Donetsk. Ukraine.  
2002 - All-Ukrainian spring exhibition. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2001 - Creative women of Ukraine. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
1999 - All-Ukrainian artistic autumn exhibition. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
1999 - T.G.Shevchenko''s 185th anniversary. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2009 - 9th International Underwater Art Festival 'Silver Shark', Ukraine. 
2008 - group exhibition ''Art in Mind'', The Brick Lane Gallery, London, the UK  
2007 - VII International festival of underwater image "Silver Shark". Grand prix in nomination "Fine art" for the painting "Game Odyssey of Cousteau". Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2006 - VI International festival of underwater image "Silver Shark". Diploma for the most unusual presentation of the underwater world. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2003 - III International festival of underwater images "Silver Shark". Florence cinema. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2004 - Orange Revolution''s exhibition. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2004 - Vernisag in Kostelna street. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
2001 - Youth exhibition. Kyiv. Ukraine.  
1999 - exhibition, devoted to the Day of Youth. Dendropark. Kiev.
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Title: Dove ( 2007)

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Size: 60x80 Cm

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Technique: Acrylic


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