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Name: LiLadewig

Country: Germany

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


LiLadewig  Germany


unversity degree in math and physics from Free University in Berlin 
Studies in art at the UDK Berlin 
Extensive travels in Europe and America. 
I stayed for 5 years in Mexico 
Exhibitions in Berlin 
Existence of approx. 80 large sized pictures  
I am interested in further exhibitions. 
Lilli Ladewig's large paintings in acrylics draw by the intensity of their  
colours and by the harmonious equilibrium of their composition. 
The big theme of her painting is man. 
Personal experiences are the source of her inspiration. 
She tries to widen these to statements about humanity in general. 
LiLadewig Figuration Libre Painting/Pintura act in blue and red

Exhibit Name:

Title: act in blue and red ( 2003)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 3000Euro

Size: 115x90 Cm

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Acrylic

Comments: acrylic on canvas 115*90cm

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