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Name: LilyGale

Country: Netherlands

Birth Date: 1979-04-07

LilyGale  Netherlands


Lily Gale was born on april 7th, 1979, in Groningen, The Netherlands. 
Since her childhood Lily Gale was creative with sketching, painting and sculpturing. 
Through the years her subjects have changed from nature into the abstract and cubism artforms. 
Her paintings show a fascination for sharp and unusual shapes with a compilation of exceptional colour combination. 
There is an outspoken diversity in her themes, which represents a sense of inner-reflection and show a focussed observation. Still she is not an artist who is easily satisfied and while developing she wants to be versatile and challenged in her working area. 
''As an individual I am on the search for knowledge. The only obstacles in the artist world are those we cannot understand, even the hidden subjects can be interesting''.  
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