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Name: ljiljana

Art: figurative expressionism

Country: Croatia

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


ljiljana figurative expressionism Croatia


Born in 1948 in Pancevo, ex Yugoslavia(married,one son).Lives and works as a physician in The Institute of Public Health of County of Istria,Pula,Croatia. 
have finished Modern Secondary School-famouse Gymnasium Uros Predic/Pancevo/ and studied art skills in the class of prof.Stojan Trumic. I am a physician as I have finished the Faculty of medicine at the University of Belgrade. 


Past exhibitions: 
Group exhibition from 11-25.oct 2006 in Saloon rest."Castell" Peroj/Pula-reportage for TV Alps-Adria Community 
16.Premio nazionale di pittura "Piero Della Valentina" Pro loco di Cordignano /Treviso-Italia/6-19.nov.2006 
Lions Club Porec/Istria/Croatia :"Give them the light"19.Nov.2006 Group Exhibition "PRO FUTURE",Istarska sabornica Porec/Istria 9-25.March 2007 
Exhibition by Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik and Radoslav Putnik,"Doctor`s Ball ",21st.of April,2007 Hotel "Histria"Pula/Istria 
Donation for children of "The Down center of Pula",Croatia,2008. 
Group exhibition,3-23.Oct.2009,Galleria Poliedro,Trieste,Italy 
Solo exhibition,2-30.Nov.2009,City library,Pula,Istria,Croatia
ljiljana ------- Painting/Pintura Old women on the street

Exhibit Name: Nazar? 2009

Title: Old women on the street ( )


Price: 500Euro

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Tempera



How did you start in Art?

I have started with my art experiences during my secondary school education and continued while my medicine studies on the University.

Who is/was your master?

I have studied drawing and painting skills in the classes of late prof.acc.Stojan Trumic.

Do you think that training is Important or prefer self-taught?

I think that the training is important and necessary but the personal talent is decisive and basic factor for becoming "an artist". Self teaching and experimenting are much harder and longer way to reach the artistic goals.

It is possible to live from Art?

Yes ...but only for those who reach some of artistic highs. Others, especially amateurs, are not adequately evaluated and priced for their artwork. As in some other fields, there are a certain "lobbies" in art also and they control all the activities, trends, prices, fashion etc.

Transpiration or inspiration?


Your 3 Favorite Artists Living and Dead

Picasso, Chagall, Escher

Work of art that you would like to be the Author and Why

"Guernica" by Picasso due to it has that sincere anti war message in its symbolism, that everlasting modern stile in composition...

Is there a Price for Art?

Some artworks are so valuable that we would have to consider establishing a list of masterpieces of the world heritage as such artworks would be the property of the mankind. Other artworks certainly have their prices depending of lot of elements

Everything can be art or are there limits?

As the artistic production is coming from the free souls and imagination, there would be no limits but everything really can not be the art as some "artists" are producing in their leek of ideas and quality.

Digital Art. Yes or no?

Yes, why not!?

Nazar? 2009
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