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Name: yume

Country: ------------

Birth Date: 1983-06-12

yume  ------------


Born in 1983. Studied in Fine Arts Institute in Czestochowa, Poland. Diploma in artistic painting in June 2007.


group exhibition: 
2007, The Graduate Exhibition, OPK Gaude Mater, Czestochowa, Poland  
individual exhibition: 
2009, Studio Forever Young, Czestochowa, Poland 
2007, "The Colours of Nature- The Nature of Colours", Gyor, Hungary
yume Expressionism Painting/Pintura Dies Irae

Exhibit Name:

Title: Dies Irae ( )

Sale: ------------

Price: 112Euro

Size: 0x0 ----------

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Acrylic


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