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Name: Lyssenko A.S.

Art: Oil Painting

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Lyssenko A.S. Oil Painting Russia


Andrey Stanislavovich Lyssenko (1974) born in a family of Moscow dynasty of artists spent his childhood in the oasis of arts in a small artist’s town in Verkhnyaya Maslovka. Artist’s town was a place where such masters as Grabar, Gerasimov, Johanson, Tseytlin and many others had been living and creating their masterpieces. His parents from the early childhood supported his gift for fine art. His grandfather Honoured Russian painter A.G. Lysenko was an outstanding example. Andrey spent much time in grandfather’s studio watching him painting. 
Andrey Lyssenko entered Krasin Fine Arts School in 1981. He started to learn professional painting skills there. 
In 1983 Andrey successfully passed exams to Tomsky Moscow Secondary Fine Arts School at Surikov Institute. He was taught basic traditions of Russian realistic painting under the direction of experienced teachers. He took a historical topic Holly Sergiy blesses Dmitry Donskoy before Kulikov Battle and Return for his graduation research. The research got an excellent mark from the examining board. 
In 1992 Andrey Lyssenko entered Surikov Moscow State Academic Institute of Fine Arts at Academy of Fine Arts. When studying at university he laboriously and thoroughly learned lessons of such famous teachers as A.Danilichev, I.Shatskiy, L.Shepelev, V.Nekrasov and Y.Grishenko. Commission board of the Institute and Academy of Fine Arts specially marked his graduation triptych Wooden Cathedrals of Russia . 
The fact that he was brought up in a very creative family with careful attention of parents to their son’s talent evolution was dramatically important at all stages of formation and development of the painter. 
After graduation from the University in 1998, Andrey went for a trip to Western Europe and Canada. Over a long period of time he had been living and working for well-known Italian patrons of art. 
Continuity of painting traditions, permanent developing of new creative ideas and intense exhibiting activity are a source of vigour for painter’s creation of new masterpieces. A special place in Andrey Lyssenko art is taken by historical and religiously philosophical painting theme. Synthesis of this rare genre combined with impressionistic landscape painting, still life and portraits open to the Art world great personality of Andrey Stanislavovich Lyssenko. 


Main exhibitions: 
“Memorials of Russian Architecture” 1993 
Personal exhibition  
Valaam Monastery estate in Moscow 1994 
Personal exhibition. 
Exhibition “Village of artists of Abramtsevo” in Hotkovo 1995 
“Dinasty of Lyssenko”, gallery “Zamoskvorechie 1996  
Itilian-Rassian creative activity project participant, Torre-Canavese (It) 1997 
Spring exhibition of gallery 1998 
In Balchug-Kempinsky hotel 
“ Ñolor of intellectual capital”, 1999 
gallery “Tvorchestvo” 
Exhibition “La Luce di Moska” in Milan 2000 
3 exhibitions in Central Artists House 2002 
5 exhibitions in Central Artists House. 2003 
participant of Art-Manege exhibition 2002 
More than 10 exhibitions in Central Artists House 2003-2006 
Exhibition in Paris 2005  
Exhibition «Practice of vision». C.A.H. 2006 
Exhibition “Cielli e le terre della Russia”. Italy. Museum Villa San Carlo Borromeo. 2006 
Exhibition in France. Normandia. Port Bay. 2007 
Exhibition “Aspetti contemporanei dell Arte Russa”. Italy. Rime. Commune di Formello. 2007 
Exhibition-auction. “Modern realism” 2008 
Gallery “Sovkom” 
Exhibition. Austria. Vien. Russian Cultural Centre. Gallery “Allrus” 2008  
Works of the artist are available in privatå collections of Russia, France, Italy, Canada, 
Holland, USA.  
Lyssenko A.S. Impressionism Painting/Pintura Monastery Midday

Exhibit Name: My Historikal Pictures

Title: Monastery Midday ( 2005)


Price: 15000Euro

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil

Comments: Painting about Russian Orthodoxal Monastery Life

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Lyssenko A.S.  
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Lyssenko A.S.  
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Lyssenko A.S.  
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