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Name: make art matter

Art: Design / Recycled Arts

Country: United States

Birth Date: 1978-07-05


Contact: 510-401-7847

make art matter Design / Recycled Arts  United States


Tree Rivera creates 3-D installations and paintings that build on her love for recycled arts and her green initiative turned, art business called “Make Art Matter, Inc”, as well as her interest in the ever changing global environment of today. A self taught artist, she started painting at age fourteen and spent many years learning and developing her artistic skills through training, and experimenting with colorizing and texturing. Her paintings, which are created from found objects and trash from her nature explorations, have been featured in many exhibitions and festivals including the 2008 Fremont Arts and Wine Festival, The Olive Hyde Guild and The Fremont Art Association Gallery in Fremont, California. She has also exhibited and curated her own recycled art exhibits in venues around the San Francisco, bay area. In 2009/10 she traveled to Miami, Florida where she worked on developing her kids’ Eco-arts projects. There she worked alongside community based organizations to produce eco-arts programs including an activity program with Art Studio Miami: Tree of Life installation that was presented and exhibited at the Irreversible International Art Magazine 100 Most Event @ The CIFO (Cisneros Foundation) Museum space located in Downtown Miami, FL. In addition, Tree’s paintings have been featured in numerous art magazines and sitting in a number of private collections. In her work, Tree often uses contemporary ideas combined with her natural ability for color placing and theory. As a subsistence painter she collects the materials for her work from the land and the sea around her, when she goes out to nature, and conducts what she calls “Art Cleanups”. Tree is inspired to reaching youth through visiting schools, organizing community eco-art projects, and making art matter for the planet.  
Tree believes that art is a voice for our natural resources, with technology and the arts we can change the pattern of bad environmental practices with in our younger population. As an environmental artist, her mission is to produce murals and recycled artwork for civic exhibitions. She aspires to create art that sets no boundaries on design or reused materials to produce art. She has found that art is a solution and can be used as a creative instrument for expanding people’s perception and knowledge about our environmental challenges.


Artist Statement: as an environmental artist my mission is to produce murals and recycled artwork for civic 
exhibitions. I aspire to create artwork and collaborative programs for schools, and community centers. Primarily 
focusing on areas where there is at-risk youth affected by low socioeconomic status. Setting no boundaries on design, 
location, neither activities nor, places limits on the types of discarded materials used in the progression I have found that 
art is a solution and can be used as a creative instrument for expanding perceptions in to our environmental challenges. 
Art gives young people motivation to realize the great responsibility to take care of nature and love ourselves. 
Program | Curator Experience 
2007-08 Ohlone College Gary Soren Smith Center for the Arts, Louie Meanger Art Gallery 
 Photography /Video Installation(s), Student Show, December 5-10, 2007 
 Greif Works, Art Heals , February 28, 2008 
 Eleanor Dickinson, Black Velvets and Dreams, April 2, 2008 
 Annual Fine Art and Design Student Show, April 5-10, 2008 
Make Art Matter Eco-arts Workshops | Field Trips 
2008-Lincoln Child Center | Eco Trail Walk RRR Workshops + mural project, Oakland, Ca 
2008–Quest Irvington High School Mentoring Program/ Environmental Arts-Cleanup project, Fremont, CA 
2008-10 Art Studio Miami, Make Art Matter- Eco-Arts Program Fall/Summer Programs, Miami, FL 
2008- Eco-Arts Program Fall/Spring Field trip to Everglades, Miami, FL 
2009-Eco-Arts Program Fall/Summer, Field trip to Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL 
2008-10 Art Studio Miami, Irreversible Magazine CIFO, Youth Activity, Miami, FL 
2009-Art Studio Miami | University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric, Miami, FL 
2009-Tacolcy Center- Healing arts workshops, Miami, FL 
2009-10 ECQC Playing the Game of Life Program, Eco- Arts Projects, Miami, FL 
2009-10 ECQC | Miami Beach Teen Club | Earth Day Murals, presentation to the, City of Miami Beach, FL 
2010-Eco-Art Program | Fieldtrip + Project at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Miami, FL 
2010- 2013 The Wells, Freedom Arts Festival | Eco-art projects, Santa Cruz, CA 
2013- Precita Center Mission Valley | the CUUP Project, San Francisco, CA 
2014-2015 Adventure Time located in public schools | Make Art Matter Projects, Oakland \Fremont, CA 
Solo Exhibitions 
2007-Fremont Main Library, Fremont, CA 
2007-Sujus Bistro, Artist Choice, Fremont, CA 
2009-Catalyst Cocktail Lounge, San Francisco, CA 
2009-Fremont Art Association, Fremont, CA 
2012-Icon Club Folsom, San Francisco, CA 
2012- Pour House SF, San Francisco, CA 
2015- Mattos Elementary School, Fremont, CA 
2 Professional Resume | CV 
Tree Rivera 
Veronica Rivera 
Director | Environmental Artist 
Bay area, Ca – Miami, FL | Ph. 510-943-7586 
email web 
Group Installations | Exhibitions 
2007-Balazo 18th Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
2008-Fremont Art Association, Niles Gallery, Fremont, CA 
2008-Olive Hyde Gallery, Trash to Treasure Exhibition, Fremont, CA 
2009-CIFO/Irreversible 100 Most Exhibit Tree of Life Installation, Miami, FL 
2008-Art Studio Miami, Miami North Library, Everglades Critters Tile Installation, Miami, FL 
2010-2013-The Wells, Freedom Arts Festival, Recycled Arts Projects, Santa Cruz, CA 
2011-Chillin Productions Holiday Show at Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA 
2011-Pancakes and Booze Art Show at Artist Alley, San Francisco, CA 
2011- Pancakes and Booze #2 Art Show at Artist Alley, San Francisco, CA 
2011–Chilin Productions 13th Anniversary at Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA 
2011-Olive Hyde Gallery, Hobnob Exhibition, Fremont, CA 
2013-Olive Hyde Gallery, Arts and Craft Exhibition, Fremont, CA 
2013-Pancakes and Booze Art Show at Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
2013–Chilin Productions 14th Anniversary at Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
2017-Gabrichidze Gallery (Project date unknown | funding needed), Brussel, Belgium 
2007- Hey Quarterly Volume 1, issue 4 titled Hey Convenience, Scotland, UK 
2008- Alliance for humanity, Newsletter/Magazine, International 
2009- Irreversible Magazine, 100 Most Edition, Miami Beach, FL 
2009-Art Addiction, Biennale Medial Museum, England, United Kingdom 
2009- Duo Magazine, 2nd Quarter Winter Edition, Miami, FL 
2011- Sacramento Talent Magazine, Northern CA 
2011- Synchronized Chaos Magazine, SF\ bay area, CA 
2012- Published in International Dictionary of Artist 2012, International 
2013- SF State University- student project XPRESS Magazine, San Francisco, CA 
Volunteer | Other Experience 
2001-2006 Sujus Coffee and Tea Bistro, Barista, Fremont, CA 
2001-2005 Miss Cathy’s Home and Preschool, Preschool teacher, Fremont, CA 
2005-06 National Alliance for hunger, church | homeless shelter, San Jose, CA 
2008–Quest Irvington High School, Mentoring Program, Fremont, CA 
2008-Lincoln Child Center, Eco Trail Walk RRR Workshops + mural project, Oakland, Ca 
2008 – Fremont Art Association, front desk, Fremont, CA 
2009-Tacolcy Center, healing arts workshops, Miami, FL 
2009-Art Studio Miami | Make Art Matter, summer program + field trips, Miami, FL 
2010- Worked with: Edison Park Elementary, Little River School 
2010- Irreversible Magazine International Art shows, release parties | art de ameaça, Miami, FL 
2010- 2013 The Wells, Freedom Arts Festival | Eco-arts projects, Santa Cruz, CA 
make art matter Abstract

Exhibit Name: Fabric Butterfly Paw / Neo Foto Shoot

Title: ( 2016 )

Sale: For Sale

Price: 12500Euro

Size: 0x0



Comments: Would love to know other artist thoughts on this peice. I created a cascading fountain of colorful fabrics which fall from both male/female paintings. The paintings where created to represent man/woman and our energy fields the reason why I used all the beautiful fabrics (silk, lace, cotton, ribbons and so many other kinds of materials to create not only the curtain but to also create the images). This is dedicated to my grandparents and how I see them in the afterlife. I'd also like to use the art projects in photo shoots and create abstract images of a male (neo) & female (paw) characters and intergrade the art and fabric in to the images to create a story of two souls which come together and make a twin flame connection. In my head its beautiful on paper very abstract. Would love to make a connection! Peace and love Tree Rivera

Fabric Butterfly Paw / Neo Foto Shoot
make art matter  
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