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Name: maya43

Art: Painting

Country: Israel

Birth Date: 0000-04-29


Contact: 97286730938

maya43 Painting       Israel


Born in Omsk. 
I studied at the Kiev College of Applied Arts (now the Institute of Applied 
Art and Design).  
I worked as an artist-designer. 
Now I live and create in Ashkelon (Israel). 
Themes of my works – nature, my thoughts, fantasies and my attitudes towards 
the surrounding world. 
My works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, the USA.  


Participated in group exhibitions:  
1994 - Kiev (Ukraine);  
1995 - Moscow (Russia);  
1998,1999,2001,2004,2005,2008,2009 - ”Бейт Ales”, ”Бейт Аам”, “Бейт Poison le-banim”, “the Center of arts”, etc., Ашкелон, Кирият Ghats, Beersheba, Ашдод (Israel);  
11 - the International exhibition "I the artist” in gallery "Розенфельд", Тель Авив (Israel).  
Personal exhibitions:  
2001 - “Бейт Ales”, Ашкелон (Israel);  
2002 - “Мерказ the Dune”, Ашдод (Israel);  
2004 - "Hendrick Gallery", Boston, USA;  
2004 - "LynnArts Gallery", Boston, USA;  
2008 - “the Museum the Khan”, Ашкелон (Israel).  
maya43 Cubism

Exhibit Name:

Title: ( 2010)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 5000Euro

Size: 0x0



Comments: Nature is our roots, the beginning of life for many generations in a space of time ... And life in it is as one passing day. Birth of the morning with its blueness of light, gradually gaining vitality color of a spring lilac. Day turning into evening, with its deep shadows, as the life of rolling to a decline and going into Violet of night darkness. But the roots of the life remain eternal life in all periods of time ... 
And all of these associations, which have woken up in my memory, induced me to paint "The roots of life in the square of time." 
The squares in the square is a square of time. It is an opportunity not only to dual perception of permanent transformations of flatness and space one into another, but also the perception of these transformations in different periods of time. And the artist can more fully express their perceptions, decomposing them into lines and color to get a continuous harmony of image and a sense of space of time... 
The roots of life are eternal! But if to look in a temporal space, then you see that each person get its time interval, from a century to one day. And only our memory is able to maintain and restore tree of life for descendants. 
This is our roots! 
"Корни жизни в квадрате времени" 
Корни жизни - 
Нетленны, вечны! 
Они прорастают 
В столетия! 
А корни в квадрате 
На долголетие! 
Вот первый виток. 
Так хрупок и тонок … 
Светлый образ 
Детства - знаком! 
А дальше - отрочество, 
Юность, тревоги 
Любви безвозвратной 
Ушедшей давно... 
Уже подошли 
Годы зрелые. 
Сомненья, работа 
И будни страстей... 
Дети, внуки, 
Следующие поколению, 
Всё в этой жизни 
В порядке вещей. 
И так, мы вступаем 
В новую фазу 
Жизни конечной, 
Сомнения нет. 
А жизнь проходит 
Сменяя смену. 
Новое поколение 
Пришедшее вслед. 
Да! древо жизни  
Оно неизменно, 
Как родословной - 
Бесконечный путь! 
Корни жизни  
Нетленны, вечны, 
Память потомков - 
Ты не забудь! 
Maya Bukhina 

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