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Artist Biography

Name: Mikhail
Art: painting
Country: Russia
Birth Date: 1952-04-28
Contact: 8-917-416-5928

Mikhail painting Russia

Mikhail Spiridonov was born in 28 of November, 1952. He graduated from the school of art in Ufa. He became a member of The Russian painter’s union and a member of The International association of Arts – UNESKO.  

The artist has 50 personal exhibitions in different countries.


Exhibit Name: Everning light
Title: Everning light ( 2003)
Price: 0 ------
Size: 0x0
Art: Painting/Pintura
Technique: Oil


How did you start in Art?
I enjoyed painting from childhood, as long as I remember myself.

Who is/was your master?
Nature was my main master. Plus the masterpieces of other artists.

Do you think that training is Important or prefer self-taught?
I think that training is the most important thing to become better in art.

It is possible to live from Art?
My life connected with art. Without it everything will be out of sense.

Transpiration or inspiration?

Your 3 Favorite Artists Living and Dead
Leonardo Da Vinchi, Nikolay Rerih, Piter Breigel

Work of art that you would like to be the Author and Why
I have no such feelings and wishes.

Is there a Price for Art?
To my mind there is no price for art.

Everything can be art or are there limits?
There are limits, I think. Art is a temple.

Digital Art. Yes or no?
Art is manysided.


Everning light
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Everning light
1 Pictures

Provincial subject
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Provincial subject
1 Pictures

Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Dreams
1 Pictures

Summer lightning woman
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Summer lightning woman
1 Pictures

Fairy girl
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Fairy girl
1 Pictures

A girl in the night
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura A girl in the night
1 Pictures

Everning portrait
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Everning portrait
1 Pictures

Voice of a bird
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Voice of a bird
1 Pictures

Spring portrait
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Spring portrait
1 Pictures

Travel area
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Travel area
1 Pictures

A birth
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura A birth
1 Pictures

Garden of happiness
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Garden of happiness
1 Pictures

Silver day
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Silver day
1 Pictures

Coloured coasts
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Coloured coasts
1 Pictures

A Cup
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura A Cup
1 Pictures

Girl and a forest
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Girl and a forest
1 Pictures

Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura SOS
1 Pictures

Reflected light
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Reflected light
1 Pictures

A Landscape
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura A Landscape
1 Pictures

Unknown station
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Unknown station
1 Pictures

Window into the garden
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Window into the garden
1 Pictures

Warm everning
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Warm everning
1 Pictures

Spirit flower
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Spirit flower
1 Pictures

Dance of rain
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Dance of rain
1 Pictures

An attraction
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura An attraction
1 Pictures

A Gardener
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura A Gardener
1 Pictures

Rising above area
Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Rising above area
1 Pictures

Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Revolving
1 Pictures

An entrance in the white area
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura An entrance in the white area
1 Pictures

Astral journey
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Astral journey
1 Pictures

Open window
Mikhail Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Open window
1 Pictures

Mikhail Realism Painting/Pintura Insomnia
1 Pictures



lopes de sousa
lopes de sousa