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Name: Nesterova Marina

Country: Ukraine

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Nesterova Marina  Ukraine


Marina Nesterova - the national artist of Ukraine. Honourable citizen Belozerska. The author of educational books and videocourses. Has spent 10 personal exhibitions. Has five copyright certificates. Since 2001 works with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The winner of the international forum on an applied art in Austria 2008. Works in different technicians. A manual embroidery silk. Pictures from feathers. The embroidered icons. Pictures on feathers. Beadwork. Ceramics. The embroidered thimbles. Thimbles from feathers. Portraits from feathers. Ukraine lives and works in Donetsk. Married, two sons, 24 years and 5 years.
Nesterova Marina ------- Decorative art/Artes decorativas

Exhibit Name: Thimble from feathers

Title: ( )


Price: 150Dolar

Size: 0x0

Art: Decorative art/Artes decorativas

Technique: -------


Thimble from feathers
Nesterova Marina  
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The Ukrainian thimbles
Nesterova Marina  
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Thimbles embroidered with silk
Nesterova Marina  
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