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Name: oleg1976
Art: Painting/Sculpture/Photo/Collage
Country: Russia
Birth Date: 1976-10-01
Contact: +7 985 307 61 18

oleg1976 Painting/Sculpture/Photo/Collage Russia

Oleg Gurov is a painter, sculptor, photoartist, poet, author and participant of many personal and joint art exhibitions since 2003. Member of Russian Union of Photoartists. Born in 1976 in Moscow. 
The phenomenon of artistic biography of Oleg Gurov is that he earns for living working in the banking sphere and at the same time is professionally engaged in artistic practice. 
Existence on two poles of reality reveals a true opportunity to explore the world from the inside. 
In his art the author is keen to ascend above reality in order to concentrate his activities on the situation in the modern world. One of the main artist's objects of interest is the influence of technical progress and mass consumption culture on the nature of humans. 
According to artist's concept the world faces the post human period which is dramatically changing the main paradigms of humanity. According to this outlook O. Gurov choose human as the main object of his art. In his works the artist researches human's mentality and tries to show current and forecast further changes. 
Therefore O. Gurov mostly works in the genre of portrait. The interest to portraits is undoubtedly based on clearly expressed humanistic position. It is necessary to emphasize that the artist interprets the classical understanding of portrait, as his images are generally grotesque masks based not on real prototypes, but on collective images of human. 
Using and combining different resources, techniques and materials the artist creates paintings, collages, statues and photographs. 
The aim of art, according to the artist's view, is to express his general understanding of present-day social life through the prism of human perception. In execution of this uneasy task O. Gurov recognizes a prerogative of genuine art. 

2003 - «Elements. Visual Philosophy». Gallery "S-ART". Moscow. 
2004 - «Russian Interior Photography». Lumier Gallery. Moscow. 
2004 - «Texts-Landscapes». Gallery "S-ART". Moscow. 
2005 - «Hero of Our Times». Moscow House of Cinematographers. Moscow. 
2005 - «Moscow through Window». Museum Centre of RGGU. Moscow. 
2007 - «Limits of Human». Gallery-Theatre «Praktika». Moscow. 
2007 - «Posthuman = Antiglamour». Solyanka Gallery. Moscow. 
2007 - «Other Traveling». Solyanka Gallery. Moscow. 
2008 - «Naked Faces». Solyanka Gallery. Moscow. 
2008 - «A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: diary of mutations». Solyanka Gallery. Moscow 
2009 - «Deformation». Solyanka Gallery. Moscow 
2010 - «Eternity of soul». Rostokino Municipal Gallery. Moscow 




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