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Name: Olga-Shaunova

Art: watercolour

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 1963-03-18

Contact: +7 911 934 9632

Olga-Shaunova watercolour Russia


Olga Shajunova was born in Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) in 1963.  
In 1986 finished the department of Fine Art of the Herzen state pedagogical institute of Leningrad.  
She is a member of St.-Petersburg Union of Artists and a member of Water-colour Society of St.-Petersburg. The participant of more than 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. 
The diploma of the winner of a nomination of III international Biennial «Art-Bridge-Watercolour-2005», The diploma of 3 degrees of the international art competition «Antonio Gualda compositor – 2006» (Granada, Spain), Diploma I of a degree of an exhibition-project From a masquerade before parade-2007 in a nomination the Russian holiday, She has a medal in honour of the 120 anniversary of The Society of Russian Watercolour and the 10 anniversary revived Societies of Watercolour St.-Petersburg (2007). 
Works of the artist are in collection of the Region Art museum (Omsk), Cultural Association «Valentin Ruiz Aznar» (Granada, Spain), International Exlibris museum (Sint-Niklaas, Belguim), the State Museum-reserve «Peterhof», Museum of the Herzen state pedagogical university of Russia, Russia Academy of Science, Taller Galeria Fort (Adogi, Spain), Museum «World of water of St.-Petersburg», Art Gallery (Petrozavodsk), Painting and Sculpture Museum Association (Istanbul, Turkey), Hacettepe Ex libris Museum (Ankara, Turkey), State museum «Vyborg Castle» and also in private collections of Russia, Sweden, England, USA. 
Now she is a teacher of drawing and watercolour painting in the department of Fine Art of the Herzen state pedagogical university of Russia, Doctor of Phyl. (candidate of science of education, 2003). She is the author some science work. 


The participant of more than 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, such as: «Water festival» (1993), Stockholm; «Watercolour of Mexico and Russia», (2001, 2008); «Aquatoria of water-colour» (2003); II, III, IV International Biennale of the graphic art in Saint-Petersburg (2004, 2006, 2008); Mini print international of cadaques in Barcelona (2003 – 2007); I, II, III, IV International Watercolour Biennale in Saint-Petersburg (2001, 2003, 2005, 2007); II International Print Exhibition in Istanbul (2006); Fine Arts International contest-2006, 2008 «Antonio Gualda composer» (Granada, Spain); 4-th International Art forum «Art unites nations» Jurmala (2007), International watercolour biennial «Baltic bridges. Displacements» (Kaunas, Lithuanian, 2008). 3 personal exhibitions.
Olga-Shaunova ------- Painting/Pintura Snowdrops

Exhibit Name: Low Cost Store

Title: Snowdrops ( 2007)


Price: 100Euro

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Watercolor


Low Cost Store
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