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Name: pdelfino

Art: pintores

Country: Italy

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


pdelfino pintores Italy


Born in Savona, Italy in 1967, Paola Delfino is the niece of internationally renowned painter, Master Tomber. She received her first artistic award as a young girl from the nationally prominent artist and critic Milena Milani. During the 1980’s Paola received considerable recognition, being awarded in several drawing competition for teens. Professional development began for her as an apprentice in her uncle's studio, leading to art courses in carving and drawing the human form at the Art Institute of Savona and at the Accademia Linguistica di Belle Arti of Genova, where she studied under the artist, Professor Attilio Cicala, Paola has also studied under the artist and Master Ceramist Marcello Mannuzza of the ceramic studio Il Tondo di Celle Ligure and sculptors Anna Mattola and Noemi Sanguinetti. 
Paola began presenting her work all over Italy in 2000, to which she has receiving high acclaim. She is active in research and well-known for studying, challenging, and confronting other artists.  Since 2003 she has participated in several national and international art festivals, her predominant, but not only medium being oil painting. In 2007 Paola founded the Associazione Internazionale delle Arti or “AIDA, a non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the arts and to Italian national and international exchange between new artists. 
In 2008 Paola began to create artwork and sets for traveling theatrical groups, the same year in which she joined the group Netfuturisti, a social network of modern artists. Since she has been invited to present her work at several modern art festivals throughout Italy


Vancouver 2010 
Torino 2009 
Milano 2009 
Albissola 2009 
Celle Lig. 2009 
Venezia 2008 
Varese 2008 
Roma 2008 
Savona 2007 
Alessandria 2007
pdelfino ------- Painting/Pintura verso la demolizione del dinamismo futurista

Exhibit Name:

Title: verso la demolizione del dinamismo futurista ( )


Price: 0------

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: -------


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