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Name: MasterWind

Art: graphic

Country: Ukraine

Birth Date: 1962-11-09


MasterWind graphic Ukraine


I am a graphic artist, a book designer using hand materials (such as Indian ink, pen, water-colour, gouache, tempera) as well as computer (bitmapped) graphics - Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter. 
My works are stored at private art collections in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Israel, Czechia and Hungary. 
Collaborating with different Ukrainian and Russian publishing houses, I find it difficult to tell the precise or even an approximate number of books designed and illustrated by me, but surely it’s more than 200. My work also includes designing of postcards, posters, etc. I have performed about a 1000 of postcards and comic posters. 
A member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists. 


- 2005 – «Black and White», an exhibition of graphics at the Nuremberg’s House in Kharkov. Also taking part in different art exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Turkey and Japan.  
- 2004 – An exhibition of postcards, Kharkov, the Nuremberg’s House. 
- 2002 – «ComMission», a festival of comic books, Moscow. 
- 2001 – «21st MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL OF CADAQUES, 2001», «ADOGI» art gallery, Barcelona, Spain. 
- 2001 – «The Golden Pen», the biennale of book graphics, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 
- 2000 – «Х-fatum», a personal exhibition at The Artist’s House in Kharkov. 
- 2000 – «Just twilight», a personal exhibition at the «Palitra» art gallery, Kharkov. 
- 1991 – An international exhibition of comic graphics, Ancona, Italy. A prize awarded for the expression. 
- 1991 – «ART-MIF», «Manege» art gallery, Moscow. 
- 1989 – «The Self-Portrait» at The Artist’s House in Kharkov. 
MasterWind Surrealism Calligraphy/Caligrafia Hunter II

Exhibit Name: Hunter II

Title: Hunter II ( 1991)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 1000Euro

Size: 24x36 Cm

Art: Calligraphy/Caligrafia

Technique: Ink


Hunter II
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Hunter I
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The Fool. Arcane Zero
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Motion Succus
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Fish Rain
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