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Name: Steve Birdman Weber

Art: Psychedelic Shaman Art

Country: United States

Birth Date: 1988-09-23


Contact: 414-364-7436

Steve Birdman Weber Psychedelic Shaman Art United States


Hello to all out there in the online art gallery world! My name is Steve Weber Jr. also known by many as Birdman. I live in Denver, Colorado, USA, where I passionately create art with movement, feeling, and color. I like to use mediums such as wood, crystals, burning tools, paint, and pencil. I am interested in seeking new and unique visions that can make a lot of people feel warm and happy. Hope you all enjoy my works and contact me at if you are interested or see more and updated works at


Mile High Wellness Center 
4345 Tennyson St  
Denver, CO 80212 
(303) 564-1420 
* "Devil's Playground" is on display 
* Prints of "Eat a Peach at the Rocks" available 
Red Rocks Coffeeshop 
13300 West Sixth Avenue 
Lakewood, CO 80228  
"Jerry and his Coffee" and "Coffeeshop Chalice" are on display. 
steve birdman weber Contemporary Art Drawing/Desenho Peaceblastin

Exhibit Name: Drawings

Title: Peaceblastin' From the 9th Sector ( Mid July 2009)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 200Dolar

Size: 13x17 Inch

Art: Drawing/Desenho

Technique: Encaustic (wax)

Comments: colored pencil and sharpie on paper, also prints of this availablefor sale

steve birdman weber  
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Wood Art
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The Bird Bench
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Steve Birdman Weber  
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Steve Birdman Weber  
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