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Name: Svetlana Anikina

Art: Pictures from plasticine.

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 1966-01-01


Svetlana Anikina Pictures from plasticine. Russia


Date of a birth: on January, 1st, 1966 
With 1972 for 1982 - It was trained in high school 
With 1973 for 1980 - It was trained at musical school of a name of Tchaikovsky on a class of a piano, has finished training with distinction. 
With 1993 for 1998 - It was trained in Pedagogical college, has finished training with distinction. 
The marital status: married, two sons. 
Hobbies: classical music, drawing.


Pictures from plasticine is my creativity, but very surprising and fine. Plasticine very unusual and surprising material for creativity which allows to perform works in a wide range, from a bas-relief to a thin transparency of a water colour. Now there was a lot of a different plasticine with the big colour scale, non-polluting which differs also plasticity that gives the big open space for creative decisions. A trial and error method, has found the technics of execution of works. Works I carry out at once plasticine, without the preliminary sketch how fingers of hands lay down. The presented works are executed by plasticine, as the basis the paper for a water colour is used. Technics free, fingers and heat of hands.
Svetlana Anikina ------- Painting/Pintura Wind of Changes

Exhibit Name:

Title: Wind of Changes ( 2009)


Price: 0------

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: -------

Comments: Picture from plasticine

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