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Nome: teixeira leite

Arte: Modern / Figurative

Nacionalidade: Brazil

Data de Nascimento: 1965-08-27


Contacto:(21) 25525315

teixeira leite Modern / Figurative Brazil


Figurative and abstracting, subordinated without rigid geometrical scheme, expressionist, but without denying a certain good humour touch, the strong painting from Roberto Teixeira Leite is paradoxal, in the sense that also participate of the nature of the drawings and, inside that, from the caricatural.   
One painting of Roberto Teixeira Leite, be that an human figure, dead nature, landscape or the express that advances on its rails, it well be always, before anything else, the well defined form on its contours trough an composition of careful lines, and in the second moment fragmented, disarticulated, decomposed into a no-number of colored particles, to finally impose itself to the eyes of the expectator, by its expressive contents and one sui generis sensibility. 
Served by a good drawing and strong colours, the paintings from Teixeira Leite are unique: they represent most of the times women, observed at the same time from the face and profile, geometrically set and with bodies that looks like to execute atypical movements, when not levitating, freed from the gravity force, surrounded by scenarios that appear, like recurring elements, chairs sustained on two or three legs, get through the figures, vases containing four or five thin flowers and the floor as a chess board, everything tied in a meticulous way, and each element obeying its own fugue point, what creates, on the surface of the painting, ambiguous spaces of dream. 
Graduated on Industrial Drawing, Teixeira Leite is an autodidact in painting. The paintings from Roberto Teixeira Leite are not only to be seen, but also to think about, because its raw material is the human loneliness, the impossible communication, the difficult mission of life. 
teixeira leite Cubism Painting/Pintura Marcela IV

Exhibit Name: Retratos da Cor

Title: Marcela IV ( 2009)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 0------

Size: 40x50 Cm

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


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Retratos daCor
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Retratos da Cor
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Tetratos da Cor
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