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Name: arseni

Art: Painting

Country: Moldova

Birth Date: 1969-06-12


Contact: +(373)-795-292-53

arseni Painting Moldova


ART - a great gift of God given us to cleanse our souls and strengthen the forces of our spirit!  
Born in 1969, Moldova, Chisinau - artist, portraitist, illustrator. Lives and works in Chisinau.  
1983 - adopted at once in the class II Art School. A. Shchusev, Chisinau (teacher Vasilyeva N.A.).  
1986 - passed immediately to the II year of art school-teacher I. Repina, Chisinau (teachers I. Lieberman, Tihonchuk M. Stepanov I.V.).  
Year 1987-1989 - served in the army, the city of Ryazan (Russia).  
Since 1991 - the work of art restorer at the Museum of Fine Arts of Moldova, Chisinau. 
For me the man does not figure among the skyscrapers stafazhnaya or color striking spot on the green grass, A man for me - it is the center of the universe!  
As a portraitist, I still in the picture podchinyayu way to write! That should do it - clothes, background, colors, techniques, stains, composition - all in order to look poglubzhe and discover more secrets! If something even neutral - I deleted without pity.  
As an illustrator, I like to read, especially fiction and make a mark - when a draw in the final shape of the head matures and zest for the next. Time, of course, takes no little, and forces even more - I just love to explore the story and sit on the detail drawings, to achieve maximum expressiveness, to create something original, or in other words, Portrait of story. Bring each image to a high degree of completeness, even the color and flavor thought - any figure, with the continuation of the work could be finished paintings or the cover of the book. 
As a landscape painter, I like to write in plenere.


2004 - solo exhibition in Italy (Citta di Marostica)  
28-30 October 2008 - Participation in the exhibition-competition «Necropolis 2008». First All-Russian competition «THEME OF DEATH in art». At the exhibition-competition I submitted the first version of the story to illustrate the «not the people». Uchavstvovalo about 300 participants and presented about 900 works.
arseni Realism Painting/Pintura Angel

Exhibit Name:

Title: Angel ( 2009)

Sale: ------

Price: 0------

Size: 50x70 Cm

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


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