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Name: Kharchenko

Art: Painting

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 1978-03-21


Kharchenko Painting Russia


Born in 1978 in Mednogorsk, the south of Ural. Russia 
In 1994 finished the Art school in Kaluga. Recieved the grant as one of the best pupils. In 1997 in the Kaluga received the diploma of the artist - teacher in the Kaluga College of Culture.  
From 1999 till 2005 had been studying in the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (Repin institute) at the faculty of painting in the class of professor O.A.Eremeev. 
Her teachers were O.A.Eremeev, J.V.Kaljuta, V.I.Stetsenko, I.M.Kravtsov, N.V.Tsitsin, V.L.Borovik, A.N.Bliok. 
In 2002 got the first place at « the Best painting of the year » competition. 
In 2003 was receiving the nominal grant for her excellent studying success. 
Victoria's graduating work «Samson and Dalila», had a wide resonance in St. Petersburg’s artists circles. 
2005 – 2006 Worked as a restorer of “Uspeniya “ church in Sant-Petersburg 
2005 – 2006 Worked as a teacher of fundamentals art knowledge in The Forest Academy at the landscape design department (Sant-Petersburg) 
2006 – (September – December) Worked as a teacher of fine art in Pivot Point college (China, Si Chuan province, Sunshine City) 
2007 – Victoria has painted a series of pictures “Leaving China” (Two of them are: “Patterns of eternity” and “Embroideresses in Sichuan province”)


2000. A student's exhibition - «The Taneevskiy Hall», Kaluga 
2000. An exhibition of young artists, gallery - «Na Bastionnoy», Pskov 
2000. A student's exhibition - Palace of culture, Pushkinskie gory 
2001. A student's exhibition – Summer affiliate of the Academy of Arts. Alupka  
2002 «The Exhibition of Teachers and Students of the Academy of Arts» - Shanghai. 
2003 - 2005 « The Mobile Exhibition of Russian Artists in China » - Peking, Shanghai etc. 
2004. The prize-winner of competition «The Summer Etude», dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Russian museum, St. Petersburg. 
2004 Art index «Art of St. Petersburg» - the Russian ethnographic museum, Saint Petersburg. 
2005 « Charm of Daily Occurrence» - I. I. Brodskiy's museum - apartment, Saint Petersburg. 
2005 «A Small Picture» -"Image" hall, Kaluga. 
Since 2003 Victoria has been a constant participant of exhibitions «Spring», «Autumn» in the St.-Petersburg union of artists, and of young artists exhibitions, within the framework of the international festival of arts «From Avant-garde Up to Now». 
2009 - Personal exhibition "Torching moment" 20 Century art gallery. Beijing
Kharchenko  Realism Painting/Pintura Ducklings grow

Exhibit Name: Composition

Title: Ducklings grow ( )

Sale: For Sale

Price: 10000Dolar

Size: 120x170

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


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