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Name: vrusinov1


Country: Ukraine

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Contact: 8-1038-05747-5-4882

vrusinov1 ARTIST -CARVER Ukraine


My birthday: 20 February 1960 year. I have beautiful wife, very good son and daughter.  
Education : Moscow Art university. 
Art exhibition : - International jewelry exhibition KievEXPO-2002with the work Saint Piotr,Saint Pavel(First Bonus);  
- Kiev Palace Ukrainein 2001;  
- Kiev Ukrainian House in 1998, 2000;  
- Kharkov Art museum (annually). 
2004 year - invitation to the city Lion (France) for creation personal exhibition. 
From 2005 year - a Member of Association of carvers of America (northwest, Washington) watch work: Birth of Queen. 
From 2006 year - the participant of a site of the American masters of carving: Sculptures from under a rotating saw. 
In 2007 year carried out the order for representatives of Italian company Serretti Antichita, that engaged in organization of exhibitions and auctions of period furniture. 
The name of author entered on a Gold pages of Modern Encyclopedia of Ukraine, on a list of persons, who distinguished in sphere of Art, Culture and Science (2006 year). 
In 2006 year has been invited and has successfully executed the palace groove for the VIP-client in private residence on manufacturing carved compositions in interiors together with architectural group of experts. 
Manufacturing a carved chimney portals on the secular refined elements in style of a BAROQUE, ROCOCO and a MODERNIST style. 
2008 year is winner of 2th International the Internet Competition Look on life in a nomination Technical execution with work Birth of Queen on Moscow. 
Some works are in collections of famous VIP-person of Ukraine, individual wares are in personal collections in Germany, Russia, Austria and Israel. 
The author takes orders using your sketches  
The artist living and working in Ukraine 
phone: 8-10-38-057-47-5-48-82  


Art exhibition : - International jewelry exhibition "KievEXPO-2002"with the work "Saint Piotr,Saint Pavel"(First Bonus);  
- Kiev Palace "Ukraine"in 2001;  
- Kiev Ukrainian House in 1998, 2000;  
- Kharkov Art museum (annually). 
2008 year is winner of 2th International the Internet Competition " Look on life" in a nomination "Technical execution " with work "Birth of Queen" On Moscow. 
vrusinov1 Baroque Sculpture/Escultura "DEDICATION TO RUBENS"

Exhibit Name: no

Title: "DEDICATION TO RUBENS" ( August 2009)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 12Dolar

Size: 56x0 Cm

Art: Sculpture/Escultura

Technique: -------

Comments: Walnut. MadeHand. 
( on the picture of Leonardo da Vinchi : "Battle at ?ngyare" .  
I wish the pleasant viewing to all. 

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