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Name: pivlabo

Art: Watercolour paining

Country: Ukraine

Birth Date: 1965-05-15


pivlabo Watercolour paining Ukraine


I was born in 5.05.1965 in Lugansk city (Ukraine). I graduated from the Kiev Agricultural Academy. In 1987 I’m an engineer of forest economy. In 1983 I have received a designer diploma. For 30 years I’m engaged in martial arts. I worked as a coach. During 11 years I was engaged in practical psychology (NLP). Hobbies: fiction literature, verses, musics, art philosophy, cinema. Since 1987 I have been developing art project. A part of this material is on the site I have published 2 books of verses. “Ask a fairy”, “Leaf swimming in the water” and prose material: esse, stories. About 300art works were presented at different galleries. On site I have placed video by martial arts materials. I’m engaged in practice of meditation. I read popular scientific literature. Im interested in friendly communication and cooperation. The art project was developed in difficult conditions. Means are necessary for organization of working place, publication art. If there are people in the internet, wich will be interested in my project and they are ready to cooperate in different aspects, write pivlabo@ . Its better in russian. Art managers, organizers of galleries, publishers, wish are interested in problems of arts synthesis and personal growth – write to me, please. This project is perspective, but I am is beg painter, poet, writer, but I am fortunanate in creative work.
pivlabo Folk Painting/Pintura Gibiskus

Exhibit Name: Flowers of pivlabo

Title: Gibiskus ( 2008)


Price: 759Euro

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Watercolor


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Flowers of pivlabo
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