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Name: tszmei

Art: Chinese painting

Country: Hong Kong

Birth Date: 1960-09-13


Contact: (852)23569256

tszmei Chinese painting Hong Kong


Wong Tsz Mei's interest in painting started at her childhood.She was born in 1960 in Hong Kong,and in 1997 completed a Master of Arts on the art history of antiquities at Tsinghue University of China. 
She participated in many exhibition and expositions in Hong Kong and China,and was awarded certificates of merit several times.Her natural enthusiasm for art reveals an ability to let others know how to appreciate arts and even to create it.She is both an artist and an art instructor.


1)Chinese painting by Wong Tsz Mei at Lobby of Queensway Government Offices,Hong Kong in 1999 
2)The Third Beijing Capital Art Exposition 2000(silver prize) 
3)The 7th Beijing international Art Exposition2004(gold prize) 
4)The 1st Asia Open Art Fair(2007)


How did you start in Art?

I possesses talent for painting since childhood.My playmates adored my sketches and I were also praised by adults.However such potential had not been exploited at the early stage as I went with the stream to lead a mundane life. 
In my early twenties,the vicissitude of life struck me that painting is an self-contained asylum to settle down,and to find the ever lasting value of being.I explored the field of arts by self-education and studied the Western and Chinese painting.I also benefited from teaching people paintings,both Western and Chinese paintings,from children to adult,for various ways to make others to accomplish one's work of art to be conceived,therefore researches had to refer to all essential aspects of a subject matter,then comprehension deepened. 
The acquaintance with Chinese and Western art fulfils my attempts to synthesize the East and West.

Who is/was your master?

I learnt from tradition and still ponder on the masters' pieces to find what I can absorb from them to improve my works.The Western masters I admire most are Gauguin,Degas,Bonnard.

Do you think that training is Important or prefer self-taught?

I think that both are important,for training is something  
indispensable for a beginner.However an artist has to have the unique style to let him or her to stand out,otherwise there is no reason for a collector to possess the works.A great artist is also self-taught.

It is possible to live from Art?

It is not possible for one to live from Art at the beginning.How can someone buy a piece of work which they don't know whether the artist is famous or not.Nowaday people tend to buy arts from hearing, not by loving it.

Transpiration or inspiration?

A great work is somthing have many messages in it.It is nature of an artist to pursue perfection,so one will put all that already had known and what inspired the creation in a piece of work.

Your 3 Favorite Artists Living and Dead


Work of art that you would like to be the Author and Why

The grandeur of panoptic mountainous scenery is what I like most for it would be a kind of mute amazement before nature and enter into the meditative spirit of serenity.

Is there a Price for Art?

There could be a price,but the piece would surge if it is a master piece.

Everything can be art or are there limits?

There is limit for visual art to represent;therefore we have diverse art-forms to express our emotions and aesthetic feelings.

Digital Art. Yes or no?

NO,it is something relate to the field of computer.

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