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Name: kolychka2009

Art: impressionism

Country: ------------

Birth Date: 1982-10-04

Contact: 80686155759

kolychka2009 impressionism ------------


Gave birth on Octobers, 4, 1982 in Chuguiv. 
Finished Chuguevskuyu Artistic school the name of Repina; 
In 1998 entered Kharkov Artistic school; Teachers on the special disciplines: Korobov g.S., Bezruk a.I., Chursin v.V. 
In 2003 finished school and acted on an olympiad in Kharkov State Academy of design and arts on a separation « zhivopis'»; Teachers: Chursina v.I., Klyagin n.I., Zherzdickiy e.F., 
In 2003 accepted in Kharkov organization of the Young artists of Ukraine; 
In 2005 included in syuzhetno-zhanrovuyu workshop; Prepodovateli: Kovtun V.I, Vintaev Yu.N.; 
From 2002 takes active voice in allukrainian exhibitions; 
Works of artist are in private collections of Ukraine and Russia.


2002-«den' khudozhnika», house of artist, Kharkov; 
2002-« Christmas vystavka», house of artist, Kharkov; 
2003- « khudozhnika», a house of artist is Kharkov; 
2003- « vystavka», house of artist, Kharkov; 
2004- « khudozhnika», a house of artist is Kharkov; 
2004- « vystavka», house of artist, Kharkov; 
2005- « khudozhnika», a house of artist is Kharkov; 
2005- « vystavka», house of artist, Kharkov 
2006-«den' khudozhnika», Kharkov, Kiev; 
2006-«rozhdestvenskaya», Kiev, house of artist, Kharkov. 
to the 2007-ko day of molodzhi, house of artist, Kharkov, 
2007- « Ukraina», Ternopol' 
2007- Kuindzhi Bienale, Mariupol. 
2007-«den' khudozhnika», Kharkov, Kiev; 
2007- the Personal exhibition, KC «», Chuguev. 
Diploma of participant of "Maestro and his students", Kharkov, 2006g., 
Diploma of the first stage, for participating in vistavke studentcheskikh of works to on summer practice, Kharkov, 2006g. 
Diploma of participant of competition on the academic painting, Kiev, on April, 28 of 2006g. 
Recipient of an award the service medal of memorial of A.I.Kuindzhi, Mariupol',2007g. 
Diploma of the first degree « dostoyanie», winner of competition of creative works of 2007 among young artists, Kiev, October 2007. 
Diploma « Young man of year - 2007» in a nomination « and iskusstvo» a 1 place, Kharkov, 2007g.
kolychka2009 Expressionism Painting/Pintura

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Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil


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