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Name: Andrei Kirgizov

Art: Art

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Contact: 8 903 660 90 99

Andrei Kirgizov Art Russia


After graduating from the Architectural Institute in 1980. He taught drawing and painting in MIIZe on the arch. Faculty until 1983. He worked in publishing houses in Moscow, was engaged in the design, wrote the picture. Since 1985. regular participant of art exhibitions and projects. Exhibitions Golden Brush and other personal exhibitions in Moscow and Moscow region. Artist Artworks are in Russia, USA, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan. The author of the emblem and flag area Arbat. Genres that tends landscape and still life painter in themselves pose any obstacle literary. It is important first of all colors, even in monochrome, but a rare paintings. Accuracy found motive, revealing the hidden energies, the main credo of the wizard. Over all, he likes to start the day and the birth of the world. Andrew Kirgizov - artist ambitious, philosophical generalizations. The world in his paintings is endless and new. He lepit their images of colored clay of the universe and cut brush paintings of the eternal nature of marbles. Clarity of expression best illustrates the enormous path that the author has to find the best solutions. Picturesque images of simple, but there is truth, meaning and afterlight. The author during the newest romanticism.

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