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Name: agner

Art: drawings, paintings and craft work

Country: Puerto Rico

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Contact: n/a

agner drawings, paintings and craft work Puerto Rico


My name is Joseph A. Burgos Jr. I was born in Hato Rey a municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sometime later, we moved to New York.  
In Brooklyn, my mother was like a teacher at home. Every weekend, she bought me craft supplies with a coloring book. She taught me the names of objects and pictures in the coloring book. I learned a lot from my mother in arts and crafts.  
My father subscribed to a newspaper delivery service. Every time he finished reading the paper, he took out a section and said, Read the story of Little Henry. I looked for letterings, but it had none. I learned to read just by looking at the cartoon picture.  
Since my parents had introduced me to arts and crafts in my early childhood, I decided to test my artistic skills. I started to draw and made a large pencil portrait drawing of my aunt Julia de Burgos. I began to read books on the subject of Philosophy. I worked on construction projects and wrote poems and lyrics for songs that were produced and recorded to music.  
I never used my camcorder to record any event in public, but I knew I had the motivation to present myself with my equipment and video record any program available in presentation of the arts. I recorded many.  
I began to paint acrylic canvas paintings:  
God has endow us with Love and Creation in this world where inspiration for creativity filters through our imagination to create new forms and ideas in poetry, music, and art.  
When I begin a painting, time comes to a halt and I'm deep in serenity with creativity; time and space do not exist, but every creative detail is transferred onto the canvas in some expressive way. The completion of my art work is a wakeup call into the world and I'm back with a clearer perception of everything around me. Every detail in the painting is an instant analysis. I do not hesitate to correct this and that with my paintbrush. I lean back and say, This is great! Perhaps my painting has a unique expression in the art world, I want someone to see my work.  
I was willing to present my artwork whenever the opportunity arose at cultural places such as libraries, galleries, museums, and colleges. I had many exhibitions of my drawings and paintings.  
Presently, I reside in Brooklyn, New York. I draw, paint and work on construction projects. I'm writing a biography entitled Born in Puerto Rico - Raised in New York. I plan to have it published someday.


Burgos Joseph Agner, Jr      
Painter, Writer   
b Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico.; Study: New York City Community Coll, Liberal Arts & Sci, Brooklyn, 75; Pratt Inst Found Arts, Brooklyn, 89.; Work: PR Collection Olga Nolia, Univ Metrop, San Juan, PR.; Libr Collection, Univ PR, Humacao, PR.; Libr Collection, Univ PR, Rio Piedras, PR.; UPR Collection, Inst Hostos Studies, San Juan, PR.; Exhib: Solo exhibs, Temple of Writers & Poets, New York, 84, Brooklyn Heights Libr, Brooklyn, 86, Oller/Compeche Gallery, New York, 87, Boricua Coll, Brooklyn, 88, Cafe-Teatro Julia de Burgos, Super Concert Gloria Mirabal, New York, 89, La Casa de la Herencia Cult Puertoriquena, Conference Eugenio Maria de hostos, New York, 89, Comite de Afirmacion Puertoriqueha, Homage to Julia de Burgos, New York, 93, Lat American Awareness Month, Eastern Conn State Univ, Willimantic, Conn, 2008, Princeton Univ, Carl A Fields Ctr, NJ, 2009; Group exhibs, An Evening of Music & Poetry, Mus City of New York, 85; PR Art Recognition Day, Rotunda Gallery, City Hall, New York, 88; In Celebration of PR Heritage Month, State Univ NY, Old Westbury, 99; Boricua en la luna, Clemente Soto Velez Cult Ctr, New York, 2008; Boricuas at Broricua, Boricua Coll, NY, 2011; Pos: cur, Boricuas at Boricua, Boricua Coll, 2011.; Teaching: Eastern Conn State Univ, Hispanic Heritage Month, speech & paintings, 2008.; Hispanic Heritage Month, A Tribute to Julia de Burgos, Princeton Univ, 2009.; instr, Essays about Creativity, Boricuas at Boricua, Boricua Coll, 2011.; Awards: Cert Merit, PR Art Recognition Day, Counc Andrew Stein, City Hall, 88.; Corresp Acad, In Hon Pablo Picasso, Acad del Verbano, Italy, 2001.; Fac Awards, Committee of Haaren High Sch, Major H award, 64.; Cert Contribution to Latino Heritage Month, A Tribute to Julia de Burgos, Princeton Univ, NJ.; Bibliog: Peter Bloch, ARTS CLOSE-UP CANALES, Revista Canales Publ, 84.; Maurice Horn, Ed Painting & Biography, Contemp Graphic Artist 3, 88.; Roberto Puviani, Painting- Tribute to Picasso, Int Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Mod & Contemp Art, Italy, 2000, 2001.; Karunesh Agrawal, Hostos & Julia de Burgos, Taj Mahal Joun, India, 2008.; Mem: Bd Educ City New York.; Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction.; Aerial Phenomena Res Org, Tucson, Ariz, 73.; Rosicrucian Order, Calif, 76-2009.; Media: all media Res: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle, Mission to Mars Program.; Interests: Working on 9 ft robots since 1990, writing a biography, video recordings of cultural programs in NY poetry, music, art, and awards.; Collections: Large Vincent Van Goegh painting.; Publ: Art Exhibition por Myrna Llush, El Vocero de PR, 87.; Julia de Burgos painting of Burgos Jr, El Vocero de PR, 97.; Painting of Eugenio Maria de Hostos, El Vocero de PR, 99.; Tribute to Pablo Picasso of Burgos Jr, El Vocero de PR, 2000.; Eugenio Maria de Hostos and Julia de Burgos, Taj Mahal Review, Allahabad, India, 2008.; Picture of 9ft high, 3ft wide Robot with Literary Paragraph, Taj Mahal Review, Vol. 9, No. 2, 12/2010.
agner Contemporary Art Painting/Pintura Julia de Burgos

Exhibit Name: Painting 2

Title: Julia de Burgos ( )

Sale: Not For Sale

Price: 0------

Size: 24x36 Inch

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Acrylic

Comments: Acrylic painting that I did of my aunt Julia de Burgos with a partial background of the Coat of Arms of Carolina, Puerto Rico where Julia de Burgos was born on February 17, 1914. She is recognized today for her famous poem Rio Grande de Loiza and many more that she wrote and published in Puerto Rico.

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