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Name: artmaster35

Art: painting/mosaic

Country: Israel

Birth Date: 0000-00-00

Contact: +972-46344659

artmaster35 painting/mosaic Israel


I was born in Poltava\Ukraine\ in 1972 
Graduate the moscow fine arts high school in 
In the same year I came to Israel with my parents  
In 1991 I began to server in Israeli Defense  
Forses intil 1994 
In 1994 I entered to The moscow Fine Arts University and graduate with distinction the 
faculty of monumental art in 2000 
In 2001 probationer of the workshop of the  
Russian Academy of Fine Arts


The Jerusalem of the Heavens Tel Aviv Israel 
The Triangle attendance Fresco Art gallery Tel Aviv 
The God's charming of my woman Amalia Arbel Art gallery Tel Aviv Israel 
Time to Everything under the Sky The Bible mu 
seum Tel Aviv Israel 
Le Livre des Artistes Contemporans Israeliens 
Atelier Z Centre culturel Christian Peugeot Paris France 
Song of songs The National Museum of Slovakia
artmaster35 Romantic realism Painting/Pintura The Winner takes at all

Exhibit Name: Beautiful amazons

Title: The Winner takes at all ( 2006)


Price: 0------

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil

Comments: The same theme my beautiful wrestles when always winner and loosersuch kind of wrestling so close to loving relations so it's fight and love together

Beautiful amazons
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