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Name: dina

Country: Croatia

Birth Date: 1984-07-08

URL: http://

Contact: 0038521647742

dina  Croatia


Born in Split, on 8 July 1984, to have spent her childhood in Donji Humac, at the island of Brač. Completed the secondary Fine Arts School, Painting Division, in Split. Graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome, Painting Department, with Prof. C. Baldini.  


- Second national exhibition of works of secondary fine-art an design school students, Čakovec  
- One-man exhibition "Nakit od kamena", Sridnja Kala gallery, Milna, Brač  
- Group exhibition "La tentazione della ricerca", Velletri, Italy  
- Group exhibition "Arte involontaria", Porta Blu gallery, Rome, Italy  
- Group exhibition "La mostra in aula", Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy  
- One-man exhibition "Vedre boje Dine Jakšić", "Capra", Supetar, Brač 
- Group exhibition "La notte bianca", Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy  
- Group exhibition "Dissertazioni sull'incisione", Centro per l'incisione e la grafica, Formello, Italy  
- Group exhibition "I colori dell Lazio", Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari, Rome, Italy  
- Group exhibition "La notte bianca", Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy  
- One-man exhibition "Cmpensazioni", Naboo, Rome, Italy  
- Group exhibition "28. Salon mladih", Umjetnički paviljon, Zagreb  
- Group exhibition "Restaurando l'arte", Vila Celimontana, Rome, Italy  
- Art Colony "Kavadarci '06", Kavadarci, Macedonia  
- Group Exhibition "Femail principals in Art", J. T. & Art, Malmoe, Sweden  
- Group exhibition "I gorni della cultura", Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy  
- One-man exhibition "Dina Jakšić", Martintype, Colonella, Italy  
- Exhibition of Lovre and Dina in the Jakšić Gallery, Donji Humac, Brač 
Review by Prof. Duško Kečkemet, Dr. Sc. at opening of the exhibition in the Jakšić Gallery, 8 August 2007: 
Colours on large canvases of the young painter, Dina Jakšić, following her graduation from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome, are colouristic compositions of abstract artistic expression, yet with indirect connotations of the experiences of a Mediterranean, in particular insular, Brač, ambient. In this, as if they approach music rather than the traditional painting. Still, this is not a contemporary conceptual art because of the tradition and the experience of colorism, indirect reflection of the natural element and free move of brush of the more recent, yet today already traditional painting (Murtić, Kaštelančić…)  
These compositions are dominated by the dynamics of the colorism: warm colours - yellow, orange and red - contrasted to the cold ones - blue and green; also the dynamics of vertical and horizontal lines. The space is deepened by light and colours, not perspectively, but markedly in terms of visual-arts.  
The painting compositions of Dina Jakšić make feast to eyes, reflections of the joy of creating and of the optimism of the youth.  
Prof. Duško Kečkemet, Dr. Sc.
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