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Name: evespassage

Art: Environmental Art

Country: United States

Birth Date: 1978-07-05


Contact: 510-938-7446

evespassage Environmental Art  United States


Veronica Rivera grew up in San Francisco, California where the culture is rich and very diverse being around all different types of public artworks and murals in the metropolis area stimulated her as a child her fascination with art led her to become an artist, and she began painting at an early age. As a teenager she worked in a pre-school and was in charge of the children art projects. She realized how important art was to our youth and wanted to develop a way to make a statement and impact life through art. Being someone that has always been very passionate about wildlife and nature she’d surround herself in peaceful environments that led her to be very observant to the scenery around the bay area. Veronica’s first experience as an environmental artist came when she noticed that there were papers and wrappers thrown in a lake where there lived a large community of ducks. Seeing this and seeing the trash can close by left her speechless and worried for the ducks and their habitant. That is when she came up with the technique to use materials like the ones that were being littered in the lake to texture a piece of canvas. Thurs Evespassage was born and she continued through the years to use this technique to explore matter and art.  
After high school she continued on to received a degree for graphics, and worked at a winery doing publications and event planning. Eventually she went on to become a JR industrial buyer in a large Northern California paper, janitorial and food service distributing company. This is where Veronica realized how important it was to get her message out about making art matter. She noticed as a buyer how much materials were being produced at a fast pace rate and she started taking an even greater notice to the litter in streets and in communities all across the bay area, also devoting time to research the environment and its problems caused by poor human conditions she found that there where many issues taking place on earth when it came to recycling that needed to be addressed. She decided to quit her career as a buyer and go back to school to pursue a degree in visual and public arts, so she can take recycling arts and environmental awareness to the general public. While at Ohlone College her first year she began her first series: Make Art Matter 
From there she went on to curate her own civic art exhibitions at locations around the bay area also showing her art at galleries and in group art shows. Recently she has traveled to Miami, Fl where she is co-creating and directing a global youth mural project that will encourage kids of all ages to get involved with environmental awareness. She is also working on other civic art exhibitions that will be up and coming in the near future.  


Artist Statement:  
My mission as an environmental, visual artist is to encourage individuals to become great visionaries when it comes to finding  
Solutions to our challenges and development, such has spreading more environmental awareness through our society and  
reusing wasted materials that will potentially turn in to pollution. In my initiative to make art matter for the planet, I plan to  
support the re-use of commodities in the actually making of the art works as an alternative to recycling these materials or  
dumping them in to landfills; this way the people of today and of the future are inspired to make use of their imaginations in  
assisting earth and its fragile ecology in the healing process by taking solid materials and applying different styles and methods  
of art education in public recreational projects to further our advancement in to the green evolution.  
Art is our warrior and my mission is to co-create and collaborate with other artists in doing public art displays, murals and civic  
exhibitions which can broaden environmental awareness in our youth, and help us move forward with life in a positive, solution  
oriented and creative way. 
evespassage Abstract Painting/Pintura Lotus Connection

Exhibit Name: 2007

Title: Lotus Connection ( )


Price: 400Dolar

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Oil pastel


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